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Understanding RSS through Dr Hedgewar’s biography ‘Man of the Millennia’

Updated: March 11, 2024 13:04
Book cover of NH Palkar's biography on RSS founder Dr KB Hedgewar. Image Source: Suruchi Prakshan

Dattatreya Hosabale, Sarkaryavah(General Secretary) of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)  recently released  one of the most authentic biographies of  its founder Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar. The book titled ‘The Man of the Millennia-Dr Hedgewar’ was originally written in Marathi and published around 1960 by NH Palkar. Palkar was a devoted Pracharak (full-time worker) of the RSS and had worked with Dr Hedgewar.

Hosabale released the English translation of this book which has been considered as a basic reference material by researchers, scholars, journalists and all those who want to understand the vision and mission of Dr Hedgewar and its progressive unfoldment. The English translation  was done by Anil Nene and it has been published by Delhi based Suruchi Prakashan. It was released formally on March 1 this year in New Delhi. Hosabale’s full speech can be viewed at


Here we are sharing some key takeaways from his speech, with the time counters from the video link shared above:


# Many a times, we say don’t try to understand the Sangh from distance. Come closer to the Sangh, its people and see it. If you don’t like then leave. (8:58-9:10)


# To understand Sangh mind is needed. But more than mind, it is the heart that is needed. Because Sangh is made up of such people. (9:10-9:25)


# Dr Hedgewar was a born patriot. He was not a patriot just in reaction to the British rule. He was patriotic because he felt it was his duty and responsibility to be a patriot for him being born in this country. (10:12-10:40)


# Dr Hedgewar was a born patriot and uncompromising patriot and an active patriot who dedicated his life for the nation (10:42-11:00)


# Doctorji (Dr Hedgewar) started an organisation and today many institutions of the world are studying the RSS. (11:40-12:00)


# He (Dr Hedgewar) didn’t claim any credit for founding the organisation (RSS)….(16:10)  He said if any fault is seen in me, then you can elect another person in my place; I’ll work with them also with the same national spirit (17:25-17:45 )


# He (Dr Hedgewar) was a dedicated and sensitive personality who understood the psychology of the society. (20:30-21:00)


# The feeling of patriotism was innate in him. He dedicated his entire life for the nation.(21:32). He went to jail twice during the freedom struggle-in 1921 and 1931. (21:42-21:05)


# Dr Hedgewar was clear about the freedom struggle. In 1920, there was a conference of the Congress in Nagpur. He was part of the reception committee of the conference. He was about 30-31 years old at that time. At that time a group named the Nationalist Union was formed. They put forth two resolutions on part of the reception committee of the conference. It was proposed that Congress must declare ‘Purna swaraj’ (complete independence from British rule)… The second resolution was that Bharat must establish democracy and free the world from capitalism; he had a global vision that Bharat’s freedom is not merely the emancipation of its people but something more (25:00-27:00)


# When Nehru (Jawahar Lal Nehru) declared Purna Swaraj at Lahore in 1929, it was celebrated with in Sangh shakhas. (27:12-27:40)


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