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RSS resolutions on Foreign Relations from 1991-2000

Updated: February 4, 2023 6:04

Anti Hindu, Anti-Chakma Atrocities In Bangladesh

This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1993

It is with deep anguish the ABKM wishes to draw the attention of the nation towards the very sad, grave and miserable plight of the Bangladeshi Hindus, who have been once again subjected to severe persecution; this time in the context of the Ayodhya incidents. The object is total Islamisation of Bangladesh, which the Bangladesh Govt. has been systematically carrying on since even before the declaration of Islam as its state religion. Though there had been desecrations of temples in Pakistan and Great Britain also as a reaction to the December incidents. The persecution in Bangladesh has been so horrifying that even Bangladesh newspapers have been constrained to say that even the atrocities perpetrated by the Pakistani razakars in 1971 have paled into insignificance. The most affected have been the womenfolk. In some districts like Bhola, practically every Hindu lady has been criminally assaulted. The Hindus have been threatened by the marauders that either they accept Islam or pack off to Bharat, failing which their lives would not be spared the next time. More than 4600 temples including 245 big ones, some of them most ancient, have been looted, burnt and desecrated. Fifty thousand houses were torched and ten thousand business establishments were plundered.

The most reprehensible part of the whole tragedy is that it has been masterminded and executed by no less than the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, the ruling party of that country and assisted by the Jamat-e-Islami, while the police and the administration remained mute spectator. The opposition parties of Bangladesh have severely indicted the Government in their Parliament. Our Prime Minister also has to share a part of the blame for the gruesome happenings as it was he who declared the dilapidated structure as a mosque and thereby gave a handle to the anti-Hindu zealots there.

The ABKM is pained to note that in this sordid affair the pusillanimity of our Government has been appalling. Instead of taking strong remedial measures in the wake of the many agreements signed since the time of partition and subsequently after the creation of Bangladesh, our Government is behaving as if the plight of the Bangladesh Hindus is none of its concerns. This is contrary to all the solemn assurances given to the Hindus there by our national leaders since Partition while dissuading them from migrating to Bharat. Nor has the Government moved the United Nations regarding the grave violations of human rights in Bangladesh and the fresh influx of refugees resulting there from. On the other hand, they are being arrested under the Foreigners Act, 1946 and put behind bars, separating even the members of the same family, causing great resentment and disappointment among the hapless Hindus left with nowhere to go.

It is also tragic that the press and most of the politicians in our country have observed a strange silence regarding these atrocities and desecrations in Bangladesh.

The ABKM is also worried over the moves of our Government to push back the 50,000 Chakama refugees, presently taking shelter in South Tripura without any proper commitments and assurances from the Bangladesh Government regarding their land rights and protection of their identity and culture. To force them back in the present conditions will only be throwing them back to the wolves, who are hell bent on exterminating them.

The ABKM urges upon our Government to undertake the following measures immediately.

(1) Urge the United Nations to grant refugee status to the Chakamas and other Hindus who have fled to Bharat to save their lives.

(2) Highlight the heartrending plight of the Chakmas and other hill tribes of Chittagong Hill Tracts and that of the Hindus of Bangladesh from international forums and agree to their repatriation only when proper agreements ensuring their dignified and peaceful living in Bangladesh are signed and modalities worked out for their execution.

(3)    Warn the Bangladesh Government that if it continues in its nefarious plans against the Hindus including the Chakmas, Bharat will reserve the right to demand land from them for the rehabilitation of the refugees.



This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1994

The false, misleading and irrelevant writings in connection with the Punjab’s illustrious gurus in Tehrik-e-mujahideen, authored by a Pakistani writer Dr. Sadiq Hussain, have generated nationwide resentment. The writer has arbitrarily fabricated ‘history’ by disregarding all the norms of historical research, primarily to draw the curtain over the atrocities by the Moghul emperors. Sadiq deliberately hurts the sentiments of millions of Hindus by calling the national heroes by all sorts of names such as liars, bribe takers, dacoits cringing for mercy. All these wild accusations could have been dismissed as the outburst of a lunatic had the book not been made mandatory for all the libraries in Pakistan.

The Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee condemning the vile act has already approached Government of India to initiate action. The Pratinidhi Sabha also regards the unwholesome attempt as highly insulting and demands that the Center take up the matter at the diplomatic level and initiate steps to have the book banned by the Pakistani Government.

At the same time it is also expected that the Muslim leaders and their blind supporters the so called secularists who were the first to call for a ban on the books by Salmon Rush die and Talisman Noreen would raise their voice against this book and bring pressure on the Government of Pakistan for necessary action.


Bangla Desh’s All-out Onslaught on It’s Hindu and Other minorities

This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1994

The ABKM expresses its mounting concern over the fast deteriorating- condition of the Hindus and other minorities in Bangladesh due to the pincer attack of rapid Islamisation and consequential anti-minority stance of the Government in all spheres of life, on one hand, and on the other, implementation of the Pan-Islamic Plan of making Bangladesh an ‘all-Muslim country’ by totally obliterating the existence of the minorities either by driving them out by persistent persecution or converting them to Islam. This is being done by concerted efforts of all agencies of the Government machinery and Islamic fundamentalist organizations fired by the provocative call of ‘Jihad’ and fuelled by the unending flow of petro-dollars.

Persecution of Hindus

Discrimination against and harassment of the minorities in general, and Hindus in particular, have humbled all previous records by once again reviving the infamous ‘Enemy Properties act’, usurping Hindu land and properties in the guise of ‘Revenue Records/settlement Records’ updating, outright vesting of all ‘Devottar’ (Temple) properties to Government departments without any provision for legal relief, refusal to renew trade/ industrial licenses to Hindus thus completely crippling them economically. Non payment of agreed price of Hindu Properties is the usual practice. Connivance with police helps the Muslims to implicate the vocal Hindus in false ‘cases’ costing lots of money and hardship. Violation and abduction of Hindu women, teasing Hindu girls in homes, on roads and in schools and colleges have forced many to keep indoors sacrificing their freedom of movement and education. The most sinister political fall-out emanates from the Government’ s efforts to settle Muslim families in all traditionally Hindu villages and areas and calculated delimiting election constituencies from local municipal ones to national parliament – in such a way that Hindu candidates could never win any election due to the emerging demographic pattern. Hindus are obviously panicky and are crossing the border leaving every thing behind. Option before them is clear, either to leave the country to remain as ‘Hindus’ or stay there as ‘Muslims’.

Plight of Jumma People

The condition of Jumma (Chakma and other 11 hill tribes) people in Chittagong Hill Tract also continues to be miserable. The experiences of the first batch of 2000 refugees repatriated to Bangladesh under duress, out of the 60,000 refugees rotting in the camps in South Tripura in subhuman conditions, has been none too savoury. Their reception, rehabilitation and experience of living there have been far from satisfactory. The leader of the delegation of Refugee Observers, after having visited the area has categorically ruled out the possibility of any spontaneous cooperation. Still the insistence and arrogant role of the Tripura Governor and supported by the Central Government, in forcing the process of repatriation are not only mysterious but are being unduly viewed as blatantly malafide.

Call to the Government of Bharat

The ABKM feels that the Government of Bharat is under obligation to raise its voice against the mal- treatment of Hindus and other minorities in Bangladesh, who had been assured during the time of Partition and also subsequently that their interests will be looked after by it. Efforts at all levels, inter-governmental, international and through Human Rights organizations, must be made to ensure conducive conditions in Bangladesh and continuous monitoring by some neutral agency so that this story of human tragedy is not repeated.

The ABKM also urges upon the saner and liberal elements in Bangladesh to raise their strong protest-against the atrocities on the minorities by the fundamentalist forces in collusion with the Government and fulfill the expectations generated during the liberation of Bangladesh, in the creation of which Bharat had played a crucial role.


National Security

This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1996

The AB.P.S. expresses its indignant concern over the callous attitude of the Central Govt. towards the security of our country. Though the people in general never felt very much assured about the commitment of our Government in the matter of national security since the time of Chinese aggression in 1962, the incident which occurred during the midnight of 17th December in West Bengal’s Purulia, West Bengal situated on the border of Bihar, when an unknown aircraft airdropped a huge cache of arms and ammunition worth some 35 crore rupees in sealed containers, has totally shattered the confidence of the people. The flying of a foreign aircraft for two hours 230 kms inside the nearby international border without being detected by any of the radar-stations, both civil and military which are scanning the eastern skies day and night puts a question mark on the ability of the Government in the matter of national security. Moreover, during the return journey via an unscheduled route, the disappearance of two of the crew at Madras, as also the escape of the chief accused, after being arrested at Mumbai, using the airport’s own vehicle is highly intriguing. The inaction of the West Bengal police for four days following the incident and the failure of the authorities in recovering the full consignment and identifying the end-users of the arms as also the confessions of the arrested persons during interrogation that they had done this many times before also, only reveals the criminal negligence of the Government as well as the defense establishments and intelligence agencies in the matter of national security, a matter of topmost priority.

Even before the echoes of the above incident had died down, two foreigners were arrested with a vehicle full of arms and ammunition in the capital of our country. They had been moving around for some days without any check or hindrance whatsoever. In Kerala also, pipe-bombs were recovered from a river bed in Mai lappuraiii and a French vessel was spotted making an unathourised survey of the Kerala coastline. No one knows how many times such sorties have been carried out successfully and how much of deadly arms have reached the intended hands. Neither all the perpetrators of the earlier bomb-blasts at Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta and other big cities have been nabbed nor those who have been arrested been proceeded against and convicted so far. The smuggling of narcotics and arms as well as illegal immigration is continuing unabated.

Our Home-Minister often blames Pakistan and ISI for their efforts to destabilise our country. But in this absence of any concrete and effective action against its agent – provocateurs and their accomplices of this country – owing to vote-bank – politics- has further emboldened these anti-national elements. The A.B.P.S emphatically demands that decisive action against, these elements be taken without any further delay and, if necessary, military action be initiated to destroy the terrorist – training camps operating in Pakistan, Pak occupied Kashmir and Bangladesh. International law accepts this as the legal right of a sovereign state.

II is also no secret that Pakistan being nourished on anti-Bharat feelings is leaving no stones unturned to become a nuclear power, and that U.S.A. is turning a blind eye towards it. China, another neighbour, has conducted nuclear explosion for the umpteenth time. Under these circumstances the A.B.P.S. urges our Govt. to discharge its bounden duty of developing nuclear w e a p o n s and long-range missi1es for safeguarding the country’s security without any further delay and without succumbing to any international pressures. It is also highly imperative that Bharat becomes self reliant in the matter of military hardware as it has the necessary know-how to become so. The A.B.P.S. does not want past history to be repeated when due to lack of superiority in arms , our matchless valour proved of no avail and we had to experience long periods of slavery.

The A.B.P.S. exhorts our countrymen to remember that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty and through proper forum bring pressure on the Government to accord top priority to national security and spare no efforts to keep our army in its finest and most up-to-date form. The A.B.P.S naturally expects from the swayamsevaks to remain ever more vigilant and keep constant watch over the anti national forces and their activities and alert and assist the concerned authorities whenever and wherever necessary.


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