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Resolutions Passed by the RSS on issues related to Hindu Faith and Hinduness from 1952-1979

Updated: February 26, 2023 13:32

Ban On Cow-Slaughter
– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1952

The A.B.P.S. expresses its keen sense of disappointment at the muddled policy of the Central Government vis-à-vis the issue of cow protection. The issue of cow protection is not merely an economic question for our country; it is a point of cultural sanctity and a symbol of our national oneness. As such, it is highly improper that the demand for a countrywide and total ban on cow-slaughter is being repeatedly spurned by the Central Government for the last five years.

This Sabha wishes to remind the rulers once again through an organized expression of nation-wide public protest, of their sacred duty to protect the bovine species. The Sabha calls upon the Swayamsevaks to organise meetings, processions and such other programmes with a view to giving a powerful expression to the feelings of millions all over the country and thus make it obligatory upon our democratic Government to bow to the will of the people and impose a total ban on the slaughter of cow and her species.

This Sabha appeals to all our countrymen to offer their wholehearted support to this holy campaign taken up by the Sangh.
This Sabha also urges all our political parties to come forward to co-operate with the Sangh in this essentially non-party endeavour.

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