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Resolutions passed by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh(RSS) on Minorities from 1991-2000

Updated: April 27, 2023 9:08

Fate of the displaced in Kashmir
-This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1991

The A.B.K.M. wishes to draw the attention of the Central Government to the fast-deteriorating plight of the unfortunate Hindus displaced from the Kashmir Valley. In view of the grim situation there, prospects of their early return to their hearths and homes are becoming more and more dim and a terrible spectre of uncertainty is looming large before them. Whatever initial facilities they could manage to secure through struggle from the unwilling and indifferent Government, are gradually disappearing. Even the residential tents provided the them are worn out, with no signs of urgency on the Government’s part to replace them. The jobs of those Government servants who had to perforce leave their homes in the valley, have been filled up by Kashmiri Muslims, but no alternative employment has been offered to those hapless people, Other occupational groups are also left in the wilderness. Education of their children is also in a quandary. The most tragic aspect is the discriminatory attitude of the Government which provides Government bungalows and all kinds of facilities including huge monetary assistance to the Muslim Parliamentarians, legislators, and their families who have left the valley but the Hindu refugees are made to run from pillar to post to secure Governmental help. Legislators from the Jammu region who have come back from Srinagar are being billed a rent of Rs. 5O per day for their rooms in the Legislator’s Hostel in Srinagar. In default of their payment, their pensions are being with held. Further, when the Durbar shifted to Jammu during winter, the Muslim employees did not move to Jammu. But when the Durbar went back to Srinagar they all joined with their continuity of service intact. On the other hand the Hindu employees who could not report on duty due to disturbed conditions there were served with notices of termination considering their absence as a break in service.

This patent discrimination is only adding Insult to the injury to the Hindus.

The A.B.K.M. strongly urges the Government to undertake the following interim steps without delay.

(l) All displaced families be rehabilitated by constructing semi-permanent structures at suitable places nearest to the valley.
(2) A chain of small-scale industries be started and new jobs created for them so that they can carry on a dignified life.
(3) Primary and secondary schools be opened for their children and special arrangements made for their higher education in different universities in the country.
(4) The displaced Government employees from the valley be absorbed in employment with their continuity of service kept intact and without prejudice to the interests of the Jammu people.

The A.B.K.M. also exhorts the industrialists in our country to come forward to start small scale industries for the benefit of these displaced persons. The A.B.K.M. also calls upon the Hindu migrants not to lose heart and have confidence that they would definitely be able to return to their homes. They should rest assured that the sympathies of the whole nation are with them and that the workers of the R.S.S. would be ever ready to render their best in their service.

Titled ‘Resolution-1’, this resolution was about ‘divisive policy of pampering of minorities’.
-This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1997

The Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal looks upon the coming 15th of Aug. 1997 – the Golden Jubilee Day of our Independence -as an occasion for a nation-wide offering of homage to the countless fighters and martyrs who had offered their life in the cause of the emancipation of our nation from the foreign yoke. The occasion also demands impartial self-introspection on the part of all of us as to how far we have succeeded or failed in turning into reality the golden dreams of Akhand Swatantra Bharat that had inspired those freedom-fighters to suffer, sacrifice and die?

Have we, for example, succeeded in establishing an united, harmonious national life on the enduring historic basis of “One country. One People, One Culture”, at least after paying the terrible price of cutting up of our Motherland?. The Karyakari Mandal notes with deep dismay that, on the other hand, the same pernicious divisive policy of pampering of ‘minorities’ is being perpetuated as evidenced in the granting of special rights to them throug’ Article 3O, continuing of the divisive Art. 37O for J & K State (which the constitution had described as just a temporary one that would gradually wither away), creation of tiny, non-viable states in the sensitive border areas of our north-eastern areas, tolerating and settling down of millions of Bangla Deshi infiltrators and saboteurs into country, growth of terrorism, etc.

To what a dangerous extent the minority-complex has been aggravated due to this mindset of country’s leadership is shockingly evidenced in the recent demand by the Muslim federation for ‘proportional representation’ of 2O% for Muslims in legislatures, jobs, constituting a separate Muslim regiment in the army etc. – a striking reminder of how the pre-independence policy of Muslim appeasement which led to Partition is being repeated step by step in post independent Bharat also.

The resultant threats to our internal security and territorial integrity are there for all to see. Nation’s freedom demands that effective measures be, initiated forthwith for putting an end to all such disruptive constitutional provisions and political policies.

The Karyakari Mandal feels that the stark absence of – nay, even opposition to the real Hindu content of freedom propounded by every one of our leading captains of freedom – struggle, has led to a blind and suicidal restructuring of every single sphere of Independent Bharat. The divorcing of high moral and cultural norms of our national ethos has led to the over-domination of power and money in our public life resulting in all-round corruption, rampant casteism, vote-bank politics, etc.

However, in spite of all this oppressive atmosphere, the fact that our scientists, engineers, industrialists, soldiers, agriculturists, workers etc. have singular spectacular achievements to their credit speak to the vast inherent potentiality of our people – which is only waiting for an opportunity for its full unfoldment.
The Karyakari Mandal firmly believes that rekindling of our age-old National Mission of “Krinvanto Vishwamaryam” on the strength of our moral and spiritual values can alone inspire our people, and in particular our youth, to rise to their full heights of idealistic fervour and endeavour and overcome all the present challenges both internal and external-facing our country.

The Karyakari Mandal also notes with hope and confidence the fast emerging trends in this direction of rousing of genuine national awareness in the popular mind. The massive response that the various campaigns and Rath yatras launched for rousing the spark of devotion in the people’s heart towards our ancient symbols of national faith and culture like Sri Rama, Bharat Mata, Gowmata, Kashmir etc., have received throughout the entire stretch of the country is a clear testimony to this fact. They have indeed stirred up the people’s heart with patriotic fervour, burning idealism and a will to rebuild the present day fractured national life into an united, powerful and proud one.

The Karyakari Mandal, in line with the Sangh’s tradition of utilizing every historic, national occasion into one of awakening our people to its true significance, hereby calls upon the entire Sangh brotherhood to observe the coming 15th of August as ‘Bharat Mata Poojan’ day with all sanctity, highlighting Her aspect of ‘Akhanda Bharat’. The coinciding of the 125th birthday of Yogi Aurobindo further imparts the inspiration of reliving his prophetic vision of Bharat becoming united and whole, sooner or later. And also of the Birth-Centenary Year of Netaji Subhashchandra Bose whose powerful armed onslaught proved to be the final decisive blow for driving out the British from our soil. The 400th Nirvana year of Maharana Pratap also provided inspiration for untiring struggle to achieve independence & pride.

The Karyakari Mandal urges the Swayamsevaks to carry on a massive campaign for any convenient 7 days between the 15th of August 1997 and 26th of January 1998, for carrying ‘the message of the freedom struggle’ in its true and authentic light to the people. The Swayamsevaks are also urged to seek the co-operation in all their efforts of all persons and organizations motivated with love for our ‘sanatana dharma’ and ‘sanskriti’ and the resolve to keep the flame of freedom aglow in people’s mind.
– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1998

This meeting of the Akhil Bharatya Karyakari Mandal deplores the efforts by sizable section of the Christian Missionaries in Bharat to spread false information regarding Hindu organisations like the R.S.S. and the V.H.P. by alleging that they are persecuting the Christian minority in India.

Blowing out of proportion certain isolated incidents, they propagate that the Christians are being victimised in various parts of the country. In certain cases like the Jhabua incident in Madhya Pradesh they concocted stories of rapes of nuns by Hindu activitists, whereas the truth is that the accused were certain anti-social elements and converted Christians themselves. In states like Gujarat and Kerala, totally baseless news was spread about burning of Bible, knowing full well that there was absolutely no truth in it.

It is quite clear that there is a well planned conspiracy behind such propaganda. Otherwise, it could not have been so well orchestrated and so well sustained all over the country and even abroad by cleverly manipulating the print and the electronic media. The Karyakari Mandal condemns the misuse of a section of the media by the Church agencies to tarnish the image of the Hindutava movements in such unethical ways. This meeting earnestly appeals to that section of the media which is influenced by their propaganda, to find out the truth or otherwise of such allegations and disclose the factual happenings in a just and judicious manner for enlightening the public.
Karyakari Mandal takes serious note of the fact that the Church Missions are indulging in such nefarious tactics with ulterior motive of covering up their deeply-laid global conspiracy of massive conversion of Hindus to Christianity.

“Evangelisation 2000 and Beyond” is a project that has been meticulously and jointly operated all over the world, particularly in Bharat. they have made no secret of their intentions to provide”, a church for every village and a Bible for every individual” by year 2000 AD. An incredibly large array of missionaries, equipped with most modern and sophisticated devices are already engaged in this task. It must be specially remembered that Pope himself has gone on record that he is keen on the cultural evangelisation of Bharat.

The Karyakari Mandal would like to remind the missionaries the admonition administered by Mahatma Gandhi himself at the Christian Missionary Conference at Madras in June 1918 where he was invited to speak that mass conversion of Hindu to Christianity is an immoral act and they should stop indulging in it. It also calls upon the Hindu society to be alert to the threat faced by vulnerable sections of the Hindu society in particular and the Hindus in general by these foreign subversive forces.
The Resolution on Christian Church’s Tactics
– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha (ABPS) in 1999

This meeting of the ABPS of the R.S.S. strongly condemns the blatantly false propaganda unleashed by the Christian missionaries and their cronies, in order to deliberately malign the Hindu organisations. Whether it was an alleged rape on the nuns in Jhabua (M.P.), or the alleged tearing of the Bible at Rajkot in Gujarat, the skirmishes between Hindu and Christian tribals in Dang in Gujarat sparked off by the attack of Christians on the peaceful Hindu meeting, the alleged theft of the Bible at Wyand in Kerala, or the alleged threat to the American missionaries in Allahabad, the alleged rape of a nun at Baripada in Orissa or the murder of an Australian Missionary and his two sons in Manoharpur in Orrisa – all these events most of which fake and concocted, and others shockingly tragic have been blown out of all proportion and calculatedly exploited for the purpose of motivated propaganda. The motive behind the grossly exaggerated, one sided and biased propaganda appears not only to tarnish the image of Hindu organisations but also to put the entire Hindu Society in the dock. No doubt, a rape is a despicable crime, murder is unpardonable, the tearing of a scared book a sacrilege and therefore fit to be unambiguously condemned, but what should be the punishment awarded to those like the Principal of a Mission School in Rajkot, who played a dirty trick on the unsuspecting young pupils of his school or to the nun in Baripada who falsely raised a hue and cry about a non-existent offence or to those who advertised the theft of the Bible where there was none, or about the threat to the American Missionary, where there was no threat to any Missionary and the said Missionary was not at all an American. The ABPS condemns the organized Church in India for internationalizing the non-existent issue of atrocities on Christians in India and thus bringing down the image of our nation in the eyes of the world.

Unfortunate Role of Media
The ABPS is extremely pained to record that the role of the media in general and the English Press in particular, barring a few honourable exceptions and also of some political, parties and the West-Controlled electronic media was most partisan and biased in reporting and commenting on these happenings. Without scrutinizing the veracity of the information doled out to them by interested parties, they indulged in their fond game of whipping up the V.H.P. and other Hindu organisations who had absolutely no role in all these happenings. They have unnecessarily created bad blood between the Hindus and the Christians. It is beyond our comprehension why the so-called secular Press and parties presented themselves in such irresponsible and communal colours. In the face of the Gujarat Press giving true and factual reports of the Dang happenings, the English Press owes an explanations, in particular to the Gujarat people, who felt insulted and discredited by the spate of one sided highly biased news and comments by them. The ABPS feels that it is not only the Gujarat people but also the entire Hindu Society, which feels extremely hurt. This anguish of the Hindus has been correctly expressed by the heads of different sects and mutts, in Karnataka who asked the media to stop bashing the majority community, thereby defaming our country in the eyes of the world. The ABPS expresses its grateful thanks to these religious heads and hopes that the media will be able to realize the damage that their biased reporting has done to the nation’s prestige.

National Debate on Evangelism
The ABPS also exhorts all our patriotic countrymen to respond to the call of the vast on course of Dharmacharyas and Sadhus of the Dharma Sansad recently organised by the V.H.P. at Ahmedabad to stop conversion. It is no secret that the R.S.S. is against proselytization being rampantly carried on by the Christian Churches. It may be the agenda of the World Churches to evangelize the whole of Bharat. But was as Hindus shall never allow this to happen. This program of evangelism has no spiritual content in it. It is out and out an imperialist conspiracy. By Converting vulnerable sections of Hindu Society, by force, fraud, or allurement or by all of them put together, they are alienating our people from their culture and tradition and thus, in effect denationalizing them. The tragic partition of our motherland barely half a century ago and the secessionist insurgency whether in Kashmir or in the Northeast, are all the effect of Hindus being reduced to a minority in those parts. The R.S.S. is committed not to allow any further vivisection of our sacred motherland.

As Hindus we are proud to have in our midst any number of faiths, beliefs, sects and religions. We do not only tolerate but also appreciate their existence. Never the less the ABPS in all seriousness will like to ask our countrymen, to ponder whether faiths and religions that do not believe in the validity of other faiths and religions and try to denigrate and destroy them, be allowed to propagate their exclusive, intolerant and fundamentalist doctrines? We may not object to their right to profess and practice, but do such faiths deserve to have a fundamental right to propagate their intolerant creed? Is it consistent with our secular democracy? Despite the unambiguous verdict of the highest Court in this land, the Church maintains that the right to propagate means right to convert. The R.S.S. do not subscribe to this contention and will like to have a national debate on this score.

Call to the Hindu People
The A.B.P.S. therefore calls upon all the branches of the Sangh and all other devoted institutions and individuals that have the integrity of our nation at their heart, to expose the dangerous dubious and unethical evangelising tactics of the Church, like perverting the teachings of Shri Shankar Dev of Assam and branding them as “Yeshu Ghosha” in the place of “Nama Ghosha” howsoever innocuous and attractive grab they may don. For the sake of unity and integrity of our country, it has become inevitable to thwart the nefarious endeavours aimed at alienating the people from their traditional national faith and culture. The Swayamsevaks in particular are urged to reach every nook and corner of our country and enlighten the people about the imperialist designs of certain world powers that are financing the enlighten the people about the imperialist designs of certain world powers that are financing the anti-national programmes of mass conversion. It should be noted that the uninterrupted inflow of huge foreign funds to various Church agencies as confirmed by the Union Home Ministry, is at the root of all conversion activities based on inducements. As such, it becomes the duty of the Govt.., to plug such surreptitious channels of funding. The uncalled for interest certain foreign Western countries have evinced regarding the welfare of Christians in Bharat is nothing short of interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign country. These foreign factors are no less responsible for the disruption of the country’s social fabric. The A.B.P.S. emphasises that the mass awakening campaign be carried on in a peaceful and democratic manner. Let us be careful that no lumpen elements creep in to tarnish the fair name of the R.S.S. and the Hindu Society. We have nothing against our Christian brethren, but are totally against the vendors trading in wholesale evangelism. The ABPS calls upon the entire Hindu people to take a pledge to fight the menace.

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