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Resolutions passed by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on Northeast India

Updated: May 13, 2023 5:01

Violence in Asom (Assam) and Nationwide Challenge of Bangladeshi Infiltrators
-This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 2012

The Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal strongly condemns the July 2012 violence perpetrated by the Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators in the Kokrajhar, Chirang and Dhubri districts of Asom, the violent demonstrations organized in various parts of the country and the conspiracy to terrorize the people of North-East living in different parts of the country to flee from their places and considers all these acts as a serious challenge to the country. Continuously growing infiltration in the Assam and nearby areas has created state of a serious crisis.

The infiltrators have settled in large numbers in all the four districts of Bodoland Territorial Area District (BTAD) which was created as a result of an agreement with the Central and State Govts in 2003. These infiltrators have vitiated the social, cultural, natural, economic, religious and political environment over there with far reaching consequences. Muslims had called for a bandh on May 29, 2012 demanding reservations in the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC). The unconstitutional assurances of providing reservations to Muslims, given by some political parties of the country flared up the situation. The situation went beyond control after the brutal murder of four Bodo youths by the Muslims on July 20, 2012. In the violence that followed, as per Govt records Ninety persons were killed and four lakhs (0.4 million) were displaced into relief camps. Large number of infiltrators are staying in these relief camps, they need to be identified and deported. From this point of view, the resolve of several organizations of Asom, expressed from common platform, of not allowing rehabilitation of these infiltrators is praiseworthy.

Indeed, on account of illegal assistance and support being extended by the political parties having vested interests and the local residents having communal sympathy towards the Muslim infiltrators, these infiltrators are increasing their clout in local politics besides capturing land, forests, employment opportunities and other resources. Stern action against such elements extending assistance and support to these infiltrators is necessary.

The ABKKM decries attempts to portray the Asom incidents in particular and Bangladeshi infiltrators’ issue in general as a Muslim issue. Inflammatory utterances of certain leaders inside and outside the Parliament about fresh wave of radicalization of Muslims and visit of MP’s belonging to only Muslim community to some select camps in the violence affected areas should be condemned by all right-thinking sections of the society as efforts to give communal colour to the essentially natives versus foreigners’ issue.

People in the country are deeply concerned about the preplanned, aggressive and violent demonstrations organized by the Muslim fundamentalists in Mumbai, Prayag, Lucknow, Kanpur, Bareilly, Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, etc. in the aftermath of Asom incidents. Violent demonstrators in Mumbai have not only attacked media persons and citizens, snatched away arms from policemen and dared to derogate and destroy national monuments but also targetedly humiliated and manhandled women police personnel. It is even more serious that the Administration could neither anticipate such incidents nor is showing keenness to identify and punish the culprits. The ABKKM strongly condemns all these acts.

At the same time, the anti-national elements began issuing, personally and through communication channels, threats to the people of Northeast residing in different parts of the country of vengeance after the Ramzan. This forced people from Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai to flee in large numbers to their homes in the Northeast. In this hour of crisis, thousands of patriotic persons demonstrating highest sentiments for national integrity and sense of responsibility, stood up to provide security and all kinds of help to these fear-stricken people and persuaded them not to leave their places. That is the reason why the wave of fear did not spread to other places and the self-confidence of the people of Northeast was restored. The ABKKM expresses hearty appreciation for all those citizens and reassures the people of Northeast that the whole country stands by them. The ABKKM demands from the Government to identify and bring to book such anti-national scare mongers for stringent punishment.
In spite of the Supreme Court striking down the infiltration-friendly Illegal Migrant Determination by Tribunals Act 1983, orders of Honourable High Courts of Delhi and Guwahati for deportation of the infiltrators and senior and responsible officials repeatedly drawing the attention towards the gravity of the issue, both the Central and various State Govts motivated by their vote bank politics are only encouraging these forces, rather than acting firmly against them. Bangladeshi infiltrators have today spread in the entire nation. These infiltrators, besides disturbing the demographic balance, are posing serious threat to the security of the country by indulging in various objectionable and illegal acts. They are involved in the circulation of fake currency, illegal trade of arms, drugs and cattle smuggling and several other criminal acts besides becoming a tool in the hands of the ISI.

The ABKKM demands that the Central and State Govts, in the light of the Foreigners Act 1946 and the orders of various Courts, including the Supreme Court, should meticulously detect, deny citizenship facilities and deport all Bangladeshi infiltrators. Names of those persons who have got enlisted in the voter lists to need to be deleted immediately. While rehabilitating the persons displaced in Asom violence, care must be taken that the infiltrators do not get resettled over there and no infiltrator gets the Adhar card. The ABKKM also demands from the Govt that the work of fencing the Bangladesh border be completed without delay. The National Register of Citizens be completed systematically.

The ABKKM calls upon the patriotic citizens to treat this issue as a national problem and play active role in detecting these infiltrators and deleting their names from the voter lists and also to keep in mind that engaging the infiltrators in any work assignment is not only illegal but, also a grave danger to the country.

Separatism in North-East
-This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 2005

The Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal expresses deep concern over the violent separatist activities being conducted under the garb of ‘Greater Nagaland (or Nagalim) movement’.

The demand to include some districts of Manipur in Greater Nagaland, will put the very existence of already tiny Manipur in jeopardy. The resistance of the people of Manipur to that demand is quite natural and justified. The act of separatist outfits to impose economic blockade on the people of Manipur for 52 days in last July-August is totally deplorable. It is unfortunate that the administration remained indifferent towards this blockade, consequently encouraging the separatist terrorist outfits.

Greater Nagaland movement is also raising the demand to include the Hindu majority Karbianglong and N.C. Hills (North Kachar Hill district) districts of Assam in its orbit. The Karbi and Dimasa tribes of these districts which cohabit peacefully there have opposed this demand. The separatist forces are conspiring to create conflicts between these tribes to achieve their nefarious plan. Due to these instigated conflicts, hundreds of people of both Karbi and Dimasa tribes have lost their lives, many villages have been burnt down, and more than 70,000 people have been displaced. The entire Hindu society should become aware of this Church conspiracy to instigate conflicts among the Hindu tribes and come forward to help our victimized and displaced brethren.

An intensified movement of conversion to Christianity is going on in the districts of Tirap and Changlang of Arunachal Pradesh with the same aim of including these districts in the proposed Greater Nagaland. The innocent tribal people of these districts are being lured as well as threatened for the purpose. This should be immediately checked.

The hideous face of separatist Church-inspired two nation theory behind the demand of creating greater Nagaland by dividing the above three states of the North-East is exposed. It is the constitutional and democratic duty of the administration and political leadership, that they should initiate moves to defeat the communal separatist forces and protect national integrity of Bharat. The ABKKM appeals to the society to unite against the separatist elements and their foreign supporting powers.

Rehabilitation & Democratic Rights of “Reang” Refugees
-This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 2003

The Akhil Bhartiya Pratinidhi Sabha (ABPS) of the RSS expresses its feeling of deep anguish that even after the incidents of inhuman atrocities and barbaric uprooting of the Reangs in Mizoram by extremist outfits were brought to the notice of the Govts of Mizoram, Tripura, Assam as also the Govt. of Bharat six long years ago by oranisations like Bru National Union, Young Bru Association and Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, no concrete steps have been taken to ameliorate their sufferings and get them rehabilitated in their original villages in Mizoram.

The second largest Janjati(tribal) community called Bru (Reang) of Mizoram has been a target of attack by intolerant religious fundamentalist groups like MZP (Mizo Zirlai Pawl) belonging to Mizo, the largest Janjati community of the state. In 1997, out of a total population of about seven hundred thousand in the state, the population of the Reangs was estimated to be between eighty-five thousand to one hundred thousand. But they were systematically discriminated against and persecuted for long years and thrown out of Mizoram mainly during the barbaric violence that took place in September 1997. Unfortunately, the Govt of Mizoram either remained a silent spectator or appeared like patronizing the killers during the violence. As a result, about fifty thousand Reangs had fled their villages in Mizoram to neighbouring Tripura and Assam. About thirty-five thousand are still living in seven refugee camps in Kanchanpur subdivision of Tripura.

The living conditions of the refugees in the camps are hopelessly poor. Basic needs and amenities like food, education, drinking water, medical care, sanitation etc are not at all adequate. Only the Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram and a few other social service organizations came forward to give succour and provide relief to the oppressed and uprooted Reangs.

The ABPS is of the view that the print and electronic media have ignored the incidents of atrocities as well as uprooting and displacement of the Reang people. The so-called human rights activists and many political parties have maintained a mysterious silence over these condemnable incidents. They have not even taken note of the fact that the names of about twenty thousand eligible Reang voters had been removed from the voters’ lists of Mizoram.
Although the National Human Rights Commission acted late, it conceded in its report that the atrocities were actually committed and that the Reangs are the lawful inhabitants of Mizoram. The Commission has also recommended that it is incumbent upon the Mizoram Government to bring back all Bru refugees and rehabilitate them properly.

The ABPS demands that all the displaced and uprooted Reangs must be rehabilitated in their original villages with proper protection, their names must be restored in the voters’ lists and till then the living conditions in the present refugee camps must be improved as an interim measure.

Considering various aspects related to this problem, the ABPS calls upon the Govt. of Bharat & Govt. of Mizoram to immediately come forward to arrange for due protection to the Reangs by constituting proper administrative instruments like Reang Development Hill Council.

The Burning Assam
-This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1996

While the whole country was going through the electoral process for the Lok Sabha and a few state assemblies, Assam was witnessing bloody clashes between two janajati (Tribal) communities, the Bodos and the Santhals in the district of Kokrazar and adjoining areas. In this mindless encounter several villages were torched and as many as two lakh(0.2million) people were rendered homeless. The Govt. claims that the number of dead is only three hundred but according to non-official sources including some organisations and newspapers the number is estimated to be as large as four to five thousand. While a majority of those killed and rendered homeless are the poor and illiterate Santhals, the Bodo society has mainly suffered heavy financial and property losses.

Although there used to be minor clashes, now and then between the two communities over the burning of firewood from the jungles, it escalated into a major conflict because of the pressure of two secessionist organisations the ‘Bodo Security Force’ and ‘National Liberation Council of Bodoland’ propped up, trained and funded by the foreign Church, to vote only for the candidates of a new outfit, ‘People’s democratic Front’ formed by them. Minor skirmishes started in its wake blew up into a fierce bloody encounter when mutilated dead bodies of three girls were found and certain vested interests interested in creating ill will between the two communities, stoked the fires of hatred by propagating that the girls belonged to the Bodo community.

The negligence on the part of the police in identifying the dead bodies made matters worse. By the time it was discovered that the dead bodies were not of Bodo girls, the fire of hatred had already spread far and wide. Since the new government at the centre and the state were in the process of assuming office at that time, the dispatching of the paramilitary forces was inordinately delayed. The heavy loss of life on the side of Santhals was due to the fact that they were fighting with their bows and arrows against the Bodos armed with sophisticated weapons like AK-47.
The ABKKM is of the considered opinion that at the root of this terrible explosion of violence is the natural hatred assiduously generated by foreign Christian missionaries. Similar conspiracies have been hatched by them before also in Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura and other hilly tracts where the people belonging to different faiths, provinces and language groups were driven out one by one so that the field is left clear for the Christian missions to carry on their proselytising activities. The same tactics is being employed by them in the context of their demand for an independent Bodoland also. Bodo areas, Karbi Anglong, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh have been specially targeted by the foreign Christian missions. The ABKKM urges upon the central government to expel the foreign Christian missions from the North East and stop foreign money form pouring into these sensitive areas.

The ABKKM feels gratified over at the solace and relief promptly provided by the organisations like R.S.S., V.H.P., the Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram and other social and religious institutions. ABKKM hopes that with the cooperation of the public the relief operation will be further augmented but the problem-is so colossal that both the central and the state government will have to bear the major burden of proper rehabilitation of the uprooted families compensating their monetary loss and providing adequate security to them. The ABKKM hopes that both the governments will leave no stones unturned in the discharge of their responsibilities.

The ABKKM would also like to express its grave concern at the deteriorating situation in Assam. It is noteworthy that the AGP came to power this time on account of the help extended by Muslim Infiltrators and the secessionists outfit ULFA as also the communists who strangely enough, were the most vehement critics of the anti-infiltrators’ agitation in Assam. Because of this political alignment the AGP has already abandoned its demand of deportation of foreign infiltrators from Assam and has started turning a blind eye towards the terrorist activities of the ULFA. This has naturally resulted in the resumption of extortions and abductions and murder by the extremists. It is also to be noted that the Muslim infiltrators are enrolling themselves as members of ULFA and threatening the Hindu traders and merchants so that they are forced to flee, and their place taken up by the Muslims.

The ABKKM would like to warn the AGP government that because of its softness towards the armed secessionists the condition in Assam went on deteriorating to such an extent that the same people who had enthroned them in seat of power with great hope and expectations did not elect them in the next elections. Now that they have again been given, yet one more chance to rule, the ABKKM hopes that the AGP will not betray the people’s trust. As such it is necessary that the government identified the secessionist elements working hand in glove with foreign powers under different garbs to disrupt the unity of our country and undertake measures to curb their activities so that the people of Assam can engage themselves in developmental activities in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

The Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal reiterates with all the strength at its command that Assam must remain a Hindu majority area if it must ensure its safety and prosperity. The Karyakari Mandal also hopes that the people of Assam too will no longer ignore the damages inherent in this situation. The Swayamsevaks too, aware sure, will discharge their duty of awakening and organising the society with ever greater determination and vigour.

Internal Security
-This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1989

The ABPS expresses its deep concern over the recent spurt in violent and subversive activities in the tribal belts of Assam, Bihar and contiguous areas of Madhya Pradesh. It is no good denying the fact that there is simmering discontent among the tribals because of their continuous exploitation and neglect, partisan approach of the Government towards their problems. Consequently, anti-national forces experience little difficulty in exploiting this situation and giving it a violent turn to serve their nefarious ends.

In the North-Eastern region, the Christian Church fed on foreign funds and as part of their overall design, have already, tested success in the creation of Christian-majority states of Nagaland, Mizoram, and Meghalaya. As a result, they are now emboldened to incite the tribes of Bodo, Karbi, Dimasa Kachchadi, Tiwa etc., for demanding separate states. It is not really the interests of the tribals that lie at the back of these demands but the politics of the Western Powers, which, they feel will be best served by converting the tribals to Christianity at the earliest. The Church has so far failed to achieve the desired degree of success despite their decade’s long efforts, because the ‘above mentioned tribes have, resolutely resisted their overtures. They have, therefore, resorted to a new strategy of creating a fear psychosis about danger to ‘their separate identity’ and thereby inculcating in their mind’s hatred for the Hindu Society and thus weaning them away from the Hindu fold. For this, they are using the immature and emotionally inflammable young student community. They are, clandestinely carrying on the propaganda, that by embracing Christianity, they will easily achieve their goal of a separate state.

The Central Government is directionless and further accustomed to cave in before violence. In addition to this, the Congress party having become nervous at the prospect of losing power, is brazenly indulging in the despicable policy of appeasing the Christian and Muslim separatist elements. This was evident in the recently held elections to the Nagaland, Mizoram and Tamilnadu assemblies. No wonder, the anti-national forces are considering this as a golden opportunity to achieve their ends and hence their urgency in pursuing the strategy of violence, arson and wanton destruction.

The agitation for the creation of Bodoland has already taken a toll of more than fifty lives. Blatant threat of violence is held out for carving out a separate state of Jharkhand. Efforts are afoot on a large scale to collect modern arms end weapons and train the young in their use. It is noteworthy, that some Christian activists involved in the Jharkhand agitation, had during the recent bandh, gone to Assam to study the methods and means employed by the Bodo agitationists. It is most unfortunate that with a view to embarrassing the non-Congress Govt. in Assam, some Central Congress Ministers have abated these dangerous activities.

The ABPS calls upon all political parties and especially the Congress to desist from the dangerous policy of pampering the separatist Christians & Muslims with an eye on elections. The Sabha urges them to find solution to the problems on the touchstone of national interests only.

The ABPS also calls upon the Central as well as the State Governments to strongly put down the separatist forces that adopt violent means and accord topmost priority to maintenance of law and order and ensure a peaceful atmosphere. At the same time the Government should undertake on a priority basis steps to solve the long-pending problems of the tribals.

The ABPS urges the Central Government to ban all foreign aid to private agencies and thus remove the very possibility of its abuse.

The ABPS also, hereby, cautions our tribal brethren to see through the game of the Christian Missionaries to alienate them from the Hindu Society, in the name of safe- guarding their separate identity. They should realise that their identity has so far remained and will remain secure in future also only as constituents of the Hindu Society; or else the same shall be the first casualty, as has happened in Nagaland, Mizoram, end Meghalaya.
The ABPS calls upon all the Hindus and specially the Swayamsevaks to evince greater interest in the problems of our tribal brethren and pursue the same positive approach of removing the distrust about and inculcate a feeling of oneness with the rest of Hindu Society and thus pave the way to solve their genuine problems.


The Mizoram Accord
-This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1986

The ABKKM views with grave concern the recent accord arrived at between the Central Government and Mizo National Front.

It needs to be noted, at the very outset, that the present accord is a direct outcome of, and adds a new dimension to, the seed of separatism sown in the form of Art.370 in the Constitution granting a special status to Jammu & Kashmir State.

Especially, offering of a statehood coupled with assurances of profuse monetary assistance to Mizoram as a reward, to the 20-year-old anti-national insurgency will only open “the-flood gates of similar insurgencies elsewhere.
Further, the granting of state powers to these very forces of national disintegration will severely, restrict the powers of the Central Government in curbing the insurgents in future.

The only honourable course for any sovereign Government in dealing with such insurgents would have been the laying down of arms by and surrender of the insurgents before the starting of any talks. However, the starting and arriving at an agreement before fulfilling this condition will only imply the confession on the part of the Central Government, of its inability to meet the challenge of insurgents and that it has succumbed to their threat of violence.
The fact that the Mizoram Legislative Assembly has been given legislative powers over the head of the Parliament in such vital spheres as administration of civil and criminal justice, religious and social practices, customary law and procedure, and ownership and transfer of land and codification of existing laws, customs and practices has added a new dimension to the mischief.

Inner Line regulations is the special charge of the Central Government. But even here it has yielded to the Mizoram Government by binding itself with the obligation to consult the Mizoram Government in that regard.
Allowing Mizoram border trade with foreign countries in certain commodities is patently fraught with disastrous consequences to our national security and integrity in that strategic region.

Non formulation of modalities for bringing over ground all underground Mizo rebels and their arms and ammunition and for ensuring that the MNF will fulfill its obligation of desisting from supporting similar other forces of destabilization in neighbouring territories, only amount to leaving the whole process to the sweet will of Shri Laldenga whose ambitions and antecedents are no secret. Shri Laldenga, it must be remembered, has already claimed for Mizoram all other areas where Mizos reside to form a Greater Mizoram. Even after the agreement, he has spoken of Mizoram being never a part of Bharat, and of the insurgency as ‘a war of national independence of Mizoram’ and of his opposition to ‘imposition of Indian Constitution’. That Shri Laldenga has been in close league with foreign Christian missions, whose declared aim is the carving out of independent Mizoram is also well known. Portends are clear that the present accord augmenting their power and prestige will be looked upon by them as a springboard to further their ends.

Assurances of general amnesty and of resettlement, and rehabilitation of Mizo rebels and liberal financial assistance to the heirs/dependents of the rebels killed by security forces in 1966 and thereafter can only mean premium to-violence and secession.

The accord is also a betrayal of democracy in as much, as the leader of insurgency is given official recognition as the sole, authentic spokesman of the people of the territory while the duly elected Chief Minister has been reduced to a non-entity.

It is indeed tragic in the extreme that at a time when the threatened state of our national security demands putting down with an iron hand all such destabilizing forces, our Prime Minister should have embarked on a course which might only give further impetus to similar separatist demands in other regions such as for Gorkhaland and Tribal land leading to the Balkanisation of the country.

The ABKKM calls upon all our patriotic countrymen to raise their united voice to see that an enlightened national debate takes place before the accord is sought to be implemented and the potential mischief in this agreement is undone and the virus of secession is eliminated from the body-politic of our nation.

The daily deteriorating situation in Punjab is causing grave anxiety to all the lovers of the country. Hardly a day passes without bringing the news of attacks by the terrorists at some place or the other and of the innocent persons being done to death, notwithstanding all the declarations and assurances of the State Government. The situation has not been brought under control in spite of deployment of the Border Security Forces and Central Reserve Forces on a fairly large scale. The reason for this state of affairs is clear enough; elements sympathetic to the Khalistanis to the extent of rendering all possible help to them are to be found right in the Punjab cabinet, the administrative personnel and the police. While, on the one hand, the ambitions of the seditious elements are being puffed up because of the activities of the dissident Akalis, on the other, the morale of the non-Sikh Punjabis is getting shattered due to the discrimination of the ruling Akalis in the matter of giving succour to the victims of tragedy. As a result, they have started migrating from Punjab. The local Sikhs feel hesitant in lending a helping hand to them for fear of inviting the wrath of terrorists. As a consequence, our Sikh brethren living in other parts of the country arc becoming suspects in the eyes of many people. This is a situation posing a most serious danger to national integrity.

ABKKM is of the firm opinion that in the interests of the oneness of country, the extremist separatism trying to inject the poison of distrust and hatred between two limbs of the one and the same society must be eradicated without delay. Towards this end, it is necessary that all our countrymen outside Punjab should come forward to assure their local Sikh brethren of security and safety. The Sikh brethren, on their part, should come out openly in raising their powerful voice of protest against acts of treacherous extremists in Punjab and bring pressure on the Punjab Government so that it may not shirk in discharging its responsibility of safeguarding the life and property of the non-Sikh Punjabis. Silence at this juncture, on their part might only increase the suspicion lurking in the minds of others.
The ABKKM heartily appreciates and welcomes the initiative displayed “by some individuals and institutions among Sikhs who have raised such a voice.

The ABKKM strongly urges the Punjab Government to weed out without delay all suspicious elements entrenched in the administration and the police and eschew discrimination and dilly dallying while providing succour and help to the victims. Doubtless, Chief Minister Barnala’s appeal to all those who have migrated from Punjab to return is a welcome step. But that is not enough. For, so long as an atmosphere of security and safety is not created in Punjab, particularly in the Majha areas of Amritsar and Gurudaspur districts, the appeal can hardly have any impact. Moreover, frequent utterances about releasing of the terrorists will only scare away even those who wish to return and create doubts about the bonafides of the Government, The Karyakari Mandal specially urges the Punjab Government to bestow Serious thought to this aspect.

The ABKKM expects the non-Sikh brethren in Punjab not to entertain ideas of deserting their hearth and home, but prepare themselves to defend themselves end face the traitors with heroism. We urge the Sikh brethren of Punjab not to fall into the trap of considering the secessionists instigated by Western powers and trained by Pakistan as Sikhs or much less as saviours of Sikhism. It is now crystal clear that the extremists are no better than traitors who have played into the hands of foreign powers and are bent upon vivisecting the country. Patriotism demands that all our countrymen should stand up solidly to defeat such unholy machinations. Today our patriotism is on trial, and the ABKKM is confident that our people will not fail.

The ABKKM strongly urges the Central Government to take steps immediately to seal the border and not to hesitate in undertaking every possible step to ensure the safety of those in the border districts. The Government also needs to initiate such diplomatic moves as, to make Pakistan desist from mischief making.

The ABKKM calls upon the Swayamsevaks to leave no stone unturned in their efforts to strengthen the traditional cultural bonds between the two limbs of the Hindu Society. Towards this end, all such attempts at misleading the people by distorting the message of the Gurus and facts of history will have to be totally defeated. A powerful campaign has to be launched to disseminate the real message of the Gurus who considered the whole of the country as their own and safeguarding its freedom and integrity as their life mission.

-This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1986

Chakma tribal brothers In the Chattagram Hill Tract of Bangladesh belonging to the Buddhist faith have been struggling over the past several years to safeguard their identity and their traditional ways of life. Chakmas are undergoing untold inhuman atrocities because of their determined resistance to the process of Islamisation of that area by the Settling of the Muslims with the help of Bangladesh army. As a result of mounting atrocities, the Chakmas are forced to seek refuge in the adjoining areas of Bharat like Mizoram and Tripura. But the Border Security Force often forces them back to Bangladesh on the plea that they are foreigner, where, however, more gruesome atrocities await them. In one such incident, recently 150 Chakmas were brutally butchered by the Bangladesh army.

The present plight of the Chakmas, it must be remembered, is the direct result of callous negligence on the part of our leadership at the time of Partition, The Hindu Buddhist Chakmas, who formed 92% of population of the district at the time, didn’t even dream that their district would be handed over to Pakistan. Their belief was so strong that on the 15th of August l947, they hoisted the Tricolour on the District Collector’s Office, which was replaced by the Pakistani flag only after four days. Our leadership accepted Partition based on the relative populations of Hindus and Muslims never uttered a single word against this patently unjust decision. The Chakmas are made to pay the price for this tragic blunder of our leaders, with their population already fallen to 60%.

The ABKKM strongly feels that the Government of Bharat should not bypass the issue on the pretext that it is an internal problem of Bangladesh, even today the Government is bearing the burden of more than 25,000 Chakma refugees. The ABKKM demands that the Government use all diplomatic channels to bring pressure on the Government of Bangladesh and ensure that the identity of Chakmas is safeguarded. And, if found necessary, it should raise the issue at the international forums and save the Chakmas from the systematic annihilation going on at the hands of Bangladesh.

Insurgency in North-East
-This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1979

The ABKKM strongly condemns the recent orgy of murder, loot, terror, incendiarism, and attacks on army camps indulged in by extremist and separatist Mizo elements in the wake of their quit notice to all non-Mizo citizens residing in Mizoram. Bharat is one, single, indivisible national entity and every one of its citizens has every right to reside with honor and security in any part of the country. It is but proper that the Central and State authorities have taken stern steps to contain these extremist elements. However, this can at best offer only a temporary solution to the problem. For evolving a permanent solution, the causes making our brethren in those hilly regions, including Nagaland, Meghalaya, and Manipur, feel alienated from the national mainstream and look upon themselves as a separate nation and the other residents in the States as foreigners will have to be eliminated. To find a speedy solution, measures, both administrative and psychological, will have to be undertaken by the Government.
This meeting also calls upon social and cultural organizations in the country to forge cordial and intimate relationship with the residents of these hilly regions and strive to remove the sense of alienation in them and carry to them the realization that they are parts and parcels of the national mainstream as much as the rest of our countrymen.

Language Riots in Assam
-This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1961

The ABKKM expresses its deep concern at the Assam situation. It is obvious that the Pakistani fifth column in our country, with a view to carrying out their nefarious designs, have exploited the language issue. By setting up one section of Hindus against the other they are not only indulging in political bargaining but also have recently indulged in large-scale arson, rioting, looting, and killing. Consequently, thousands of Hindus have been uprooted from their hearths and homes and forced to flee Assam. Added to this, lakhs of Muslims from East Pakistan have been illegally infiltrating into and settling in Assam. These are but parts of a well-laid conspiracy to turn Assam into a Muslim majority province. It is indeed regrettable that the Government, unmindful of its obligations towards the defence of the country and the maintenance of law and order, has not taken any effective steps to meet the situation. The people in Assam and Bengal too, unfortunately, have not shown any sense of realism and alertness regarding the nefarious designs of the conspirators.

The RSS is of the view that the needs of national solidarity, security, freedom, and progress should be accorded first, and foremost importance and linguistic, sectarian and regional issues should come only later. If people continue to lose themselves in petty controversies and do not in time wake up to the impending dangers and prepare themselves to meet them, the future of the country will indeed be bleak.

The ABKKM demands that the Central and State Governments take immediate measures to clear the whole region of Assam of all the fifth-column elements. It also appeals to the political parties to conduct themselves with restraint and discretion and not allow selfish and temporary party gains to come in the way of wider national interest. The RSS calls upon the Hindu Society to realize the gravity of the situation, stand up as one man and foil the designs of the hostile forces. Thus, alone can we solve all our internal problems in a spirit of mutual amity and good-will and march ahead on the path of progress.


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