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Resolutions Passed by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on issues related to Hindu Faith and Hinduness from 1991-2000

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Enquiry ordered by the UP Government on the Ayodhya incident: Sheer deception
-This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1991

The ABPS holds the then Prime Minister, the U.P. Chief Minister and his administration squarely responsible for the horrible massacre at Ayodhya on the 30th October and 2nd November, 1990 and the preceding wave of repression unleashed all over the country in general and in Uttar Pradesh in particular, what a travesty that attempts are afoot to label the victims of the brutal carnage as guilty whereas the real culprits should be posing themselves as judges. The conspiracy becomes evident from the fact that while the most vital issue of the role of the Government has been kept outside the preview of the Enquiry Commission appointed by the U.P. Government in its terms of reference, the V.H.P., R.S.S., Sadhus and those among the elite are sought to be placed on the dock.
Since grave charges of large scale man-slaughter, human rights violation, flagrant violation of the Court’s orders and suppression of dharmic rights of Hindus have been levelled upon the then Prime Minister, the Chief Minister of the U.P, and his administration, a thorough investigation into their role is extremely necessary without which a true overall picture can hardly ever emerge.

Besides investigation of the bloodbath at Ayodhya on October 30, and Nov. 2, the prevention of Ram Jyoti Yatra and dharma sabhas of sadhus, prevention of Panchakosi and Chaudah Kosi Yatra at Ayodhya, unreasonable and illegal arrests of over 4 lakhs of Rambhaktas, removal of the canopy atop the Shilanyas site in gross violation of the Court’s directives, stopping of Shri Advaniji’s peaceful Rath Yatra, cancellation and indiscriminate rerouting of trains and attacks on newspapers and journalists must also be enquired into. Since the terms of reference decided by the U.P. Government masks such all too important issues, this Sabha is of the considered opinion that the appointment of the Enquiry Commission is just a brazen attempt to hoodwink and beguile the public at large.
The ABPS demands that the terms of reference be reframed; that enquiry be entrusted to the Supreme Court instead of the Enquiry Commission appointed by the U.P. Government since that Government itself stands charged as an offender; that the U.P. Government be dismissed forthwith; and that the erring officials be suspended immediately.

Shri RamJanmabhoomi
– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1991

The ABPS expresses its deeply felt homage to the heroic Rambhaktas who sacrificed their lives at Ayodhya or while proceeding to offer Karseva at the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi. Their inspiring memory has indeed become our priceless national heritage.

Two diametrically opposite chain of events in the history of Bharat have become simultaneously linked to the same day, the 30th October, 1990.

A determined batch of Karsevaks risking even their lives and limbs fulfilled the centuries-old aspiration of Hindus by hoisting the sacred Bhagwa flag atop the ancient Ram Janmabhoomi temple and thus sanctified 30th October, 1990 as a day of historical import and honour by their matchless valour and self sacrifice.
At the other end, on the same day and subsequently on 2nd November, the Government of U.P. showered a volley of bullets indiscriminately on both men and women and sadhu Karsevaks without any forewarning and thus invoked gory memories of Jallianwalabagh.

Offering of Karseva for the renovation of the Shri Ram Temple is the dharmic and national right of the Hindu Society. By obstructing it, the U.P. Government has clearly demonstrated its intense hatred towards Hindus Subsequent to the Karseva, the Shri Ram Karseva Samiti issued a call to the people to offer mass satyagraha to reaffirm the right of the Hindus to construct the temple. Lakhs of men and women, literate and illiterate, sadhus, Government officials, farmers- workers – vanavasis, youths and elders by their participation not only exhibited the boundless popular support to the movement but also made it the biggest satyagraha ever in the annals of world history. Those who were continuously incriminating that this Satyagraha would lead to large-scale disorder and bloodshed had to eat back their words because of its totally non-violent and orderly management. This Sabha warns the Government that it alone will be held responsible for the consequences if it does not give up its utterly prejudicial attitude.

In response to the suggestion of the Government of Bharat, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad furnished unassailable historical, literary and archaeological evidences, Government Gazetteer, documents etc. Even those opposed to the temple construction could out produce a shred of documentary evidence to refute them. This Sabha expects both the Central and the U.P. Governments to decide, without any further delay, on the basis of facts and popular sentiments to hand over the entire Ram Janmabhoomi to the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas created by Poojya Shri Shivramacharya of Ramananda Sampradaya and acknowledge their right to temple construction.

It is now amply evident that everyone posing hurdles in the way of construction of the temple whether a political leader, party, saint or a section of the society – have been cast aside by the vigilant people who are in no mood to tolerate them anymore. However, the Hindu Society should unitedly and resolutely march ahead ceaselessly without pause or rest till the final goal is achieved.

The ABPS calls upon the entire Hindu society in general and the Sangh Swayamsevaks in particular, to brace themselves up for any amount of sacrifice and hardship and take forward this agitation with all earnestness and dedication. Victory is assured. Lord Shri Rama’s blessings are always with us.

Fate of the displaced in Kashmir
-This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1991

The A.B.K.M. wishes to draw the attention of the Central Government to the fast-deteriorating plight of the unfortunate Hindus displaced from the Kashmir Valley. In view of the grim situation there, prospects of their early return to their hearths and homes are becoming more and more dim and a terrible spectre of uncertainty is looming large before them. Whatever initial facilities they could manage to secure through struggle from the unwilling and indifferent Government, are gradually disappearing. Even the residential tents provided to them are worn out, with no signs of urgency on the Government’s part to replace them. The jobs of those Government servants who had to perforce leave their homes in the valley, have been filled up by Kashmiri Muslims, but no alternative employment has been offered to those hapless people, Other occupational groups are also left in the wilderness. Education of their children is also in a quandary. The most tragic aspect is the discriminatory attitude of the Government which provides Government bungalows and all kinds of facilities including huge monetary assistance to the Muslim Parliamentarians, legislators, and their families who have left the valley, but the Hindu refugees are made to run from pillar to post to secure Governmental help. Legislators from the Jammu region who have come back from Srinagar are being billed a rent of Rs. 5O per day for their rooms in the Legislator’s Hostel in Srinagar. In default of their payment, their pensions are being with held. Further, when the Durbar shifted to Jammu during winter, the Muslim employees did not move to Jammu. But when the Durbar went back to Srinagar, they all joined with their continuity of service intact. On the other hand, the Hindu employees who could not report on duty due to disturbed conditions there were served with notices of termination considering their absence as a break in service.

This patent discrimination is only adding Insult to the injury to the Hindus.

The A.B.K.M. strongly urges the Government to undertake the following interim steps without delay.

(l) All displaced families be rehabilitated by constructing semi-permanent structures at suitable places nearest to the valley.
(2) A chain of small-scale industries be started and new jobs created for them so that they can carry on a dignified life.
(3) Primary and secondary schools be opened for their children and special arrangements made for their higher education in different universities in the country.
(4) The displaced Government employees from the valley be absorbed in employment with their continuity of service kept intact and without prejudice to the interests of the Jammu people.

The A.B.K.M. also exhorts the industrialists in our country to come forward to start small scale industries for the benefit of these displaced persons. The A.B.K.M. also calls upon the Hindu migrants not to lose heart and have confidence that they would definitely be able to return to their homes. They should rest assured that the sympathies of the whole nation are with them and that the workers of the R.S.S. would be ever ready to render their best in their service.

– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1993

The Akhil Bhartiya Karyakari Mandal [ABKM] expresses its deep concern at throwing open the door for foreigners and multinational companies [MNCs] in the name of economic liberalization. It is now patently clear that the International Monetary Funds (IMF) the World Bank (WB) and the capitalist countries are getting their conditionalities accepted. The Economic Imperialism of the west is gaining legitimacy in the name of Economic stability, Restructuring the Economy and globalization. The International forum of General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT), which by its definition ought to operate only in respect of, goods trade and tariffs, is being utilized for a comprehensive control of the economic activity of the developing countries by the western powers. This will adversely affect vital areas of agriculture, industry, pharmaceutical and financial services as well as the production and distribution system.

The Dunkel Draft Text (DDT) is another attempt in the same direction. The so-called proper amendments are sought to be introduced in the Indian Patent Law and investment measures. United States is exerting pressure with the help and its special 301 for the same purpose,

Even though the DDT is as yet not subscribed to, by the Govt., of India, their conditionalities are already being implemented under the directives of the IMF and WB as a precondition for obtaining loans. For example, 1) Curbs on Public Distribution System, 2) Import of Wheat at a higher cost even when adequate stocks are available in the country, 3) Unrestricted entry for foreign capital, 4) unrestricted entry of MNC’s in Banking and other financial services, 5) reduction in custom duties. Further, if the Dunkel Proposals are accepted, the sovereignty of the nation will be compromised since our parliament will not be authorized to introduce any change in their conditionalities even with a change of Government in future.

The dominance of the MNCs in the name of liberalization is equally dangerous. It was claimed by the Govt. that such liberalization will i) solve the problem of foreign exchange, ii) Modernize our technology, iii) reduce unemployment and iv) increase our export. The record of the last two years, however, belie these claims. The Indian industry, small and not-so-small, is gradually losing ground, unemployment is increasing, and MNCs are busy capturing the national market. Their stranglehold on the consumer market is tightening. Even the mighty Tatas and Godrej have forced to surrender their consumer product companies to the MNC’s. The reduction in custom duties has helped the increase in imports creating problem for the domestic industry and establishing the dominance of foreign products.

The Govt. is raising foreign loans indiscriminately for the last several years leading the country into a debt-trap. The ABKM urges the Govt. not to succumb to the pressure tactics of the developed countries and change the present disastrous policies. Let the Govt. realize the immense potentialities of our nation and formulate such policies which are in keeping with the ethos, self respect and sense of self-reliance of our people, as also work out a strategy with the co-operation of the developing countries to save the country from the clutches of the Dunkel Proposals.

The ABKM therefore calls upon all our patriotic countrymen.
i) To purchase Swadeshi consumer goods and propagate the same; to try and make available quality Swadeshi products in all sectors.
ii) Mount in public pressure on the Govt. against wrong economic policies such as signing of the Dunkel proposals. The off repeated propaganda of the Govt. that they are not going to accept the agricultural patent provisions of the Dunkel Draft is misleading as the draft is a package deal which is expected to be accepted in tote. Hence the draft should be totally opposed.
iii) Participate in the debate for a new economic system.
iv) Co-operate fully with the Swadeshi Jagaran Manch, formed for this purpose.
Anti Hindu, Anti-Chakma Atrocities In Bangladesh
– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1993

It is with deep anguish the ABKM wishes to draw the attention of the nation towards the very sad, grave and miserable plight of the Bangladeshi Hindus, who have been once again subjected to severe persecution, this time in the context of the Ayodhya incidents. The object is total Islamisation of Bangladesh, which the Bangladesh Govt. has been systematically carrying on since even before the declaration of Islam as its state religion. Though there had been desecrations of temples in Pakistan and Great Britain also as a reaction to the December incidents. The persecution in Bangladesh has been so horrifying that even Bangladesh newspapers have been constrained to say that even the atrocities perpetrated by the Pakistani razakars in 1971 have paled into insignificance. The most affected have been the womenfolk. In some districts like Bhola, practically every Hindu lady has been criminally assaulted. The Hindus have been threatened by the marauders that either they accept Islam or pack off to Bharat, failing which their lives would not be spared the next time. More than 4600 temples including 245 big ones, some of them most ancient, have been looted, burnt and desecrated. Fifty thousand houses were torched, and ten thousand business establishments were plundered.

The most reprehensible part of the whole tragedy is that it has been masterminded and executed by no less than the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, the ruling party of that country and assisted by the Jamat-e-Islami, while the police and the administration remained mute spectator. The opposition parties of Bangladesh have severely indicted the Government in their Parliament. Our Prime Minister also has to share a part of the blame for the gruesome happenings as it was he who declared the dilapidated structure as a mosque and thereby gave a handle to the anti-Hindu zealots there.

The ABKM is pained to note that in this sordid affair the pusillanimity of our government has been appalling. Instead of taking strong remedial measures in the wake of the many agreements signed since the time of partition and subsequently after the creation of Bangladesh, our government is behaving as if the plight of the Bangladesh Hindus is none of its concerns. This is contrary to all the solemn assurances given to the Hindus there by our national leaders since Partition while dissuading them from migrating to Bharat. Nor has the Government moved the United Nations regarding the grave violations of human rights in Bangladesh and the fresh influx of refugees resulting there from. On the other hand, they are being arrested under the Foreigners Act, 1946 and put behind bars, separating even the members of the same family, causing great resentment and disappointment among the hapless Hindus left with nowhere to go.

It is also tragic that the press and most of the politicians in our country have observed a strange silence regarding these atrocities and desecrations in Bangladesh.

The ABKM is also worried over the moves of our Government to push back the 50,000 Chakama refugees, presently taking shelter in South Tripura without any proper commitments and assurances from the Bangladesh Government regarding their land rights and protection of their identity and culture. To force them back in the present conditions will only be throwing them back to the wolves, who are hell bent on exterminating them.
The ABKM urges upon our Government to undertake the following measures immediately.

(1) Urge the United Nations to grant refugee status to the Chakamas and other Hindus who have fled to Bharat to save their lives.
(2) Highlight the heartrending plight of the Chakmas and other hill tribes of Chittagong Hill Tracts and that of the Hindus of Bangladesh from international forums and agree to their repatriation only when proper agreements ensuring their dignified and peaceful living in Bangladesh are signed and modalities worked out for their execution.
(3) Warn the Bangladesh Government that if it continues in its nefarious plans against the Hindus including the Chakmas, Bharat will reserve the right to demand land from them for the rehabilitation of the refugees.

Resolution on lifting of ban on RSS
– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1993

The quashing of the ban order on R.S.S. and Bajrang Dal by the Tribunal has thoroughly exposed the malicious political motive of the ruling Congress. This is the third time the Congress Government has been proved guilty of imposing illegal bans on a Patriotic organization like R.S.S. by trampling upon the democratic rights and levelling utterly baseless charges which they themselves could never substantiate.

The ABKM express its sense of immense satisfaction that the Tribunal has absolved the Sangh of all the charges smacking of communalism thereby vindicating the bright and positive image of the Sangh’s mission of Hindu awakening and Hindu Consolidation.

In the light of this judicial verdict the ABKM urges the Jammu & Kashmir Government to withdraw forthwith its ban notification on R.S.S..

The ABKM hopes that all such political and other elements were appear to be dead-set against this national movement of Hindu forces and who were time and again advising them to honor the Court’s decisions, will not fail to respect this judicial verdict and at least hereafter desist from creating a climate of vicious confrontation in the country.

It is noteworthy that the Tribunal has said that “By itself the Ramjanmabhoomi movement could be termed as laudable as for as Hindus are concerned. There is no legal ban on such organizations and associations in launching movements in respect of other holy places”. Further, the fact that more than 97.7 million people have affirmed their signatures for construction of Rama Temple at his birthplace in Ayodhya irrespective of province, language and religion amply proves the national character of the movement. It is incumbent upon any democratic Government to take note of this and uphold this solemn wish of the people and facilitate the building of the Sri Rama Temple at his very birthplace without delay.

Even while confirming the ban on VHP on technical grounds the Tribunal has expressed pain that the laudable objects of VHP gets disrupted for some period and hoped that the Central Government may sue motto lift the ban as early as possible. The ABKM urges the Government to honour and fulfil the expectations of the Tribunal and lift the ban on VHP at the earliest.

The ABKM appeals to the people in general and exhorts the Swayamsewaks in particular to offer their full support to any effort towards lifting of the ban on the VHP and for the speedy construction of Ram Mandir by Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas.

The Karyakari Mandal offers its profound gratitude to the revered saints and sadhus, the eminent dignitaries, the legal luminaries, the independent press, the countless well-wishers and the people in general who have stood by the Sangh in this hour of the trial and helped it to come out in flying colours.

The ABKM calls upon the entire Swayamsewak brotherhood to recognize the potentialities of the Hindu upsurge sweeping all over the country and resume the Sangh work with full vigour. Priority has to be accorded to the starting of all the erstwhile Shakhas and expanding the Shakha network particularly among the backward, rural and tribal areas so as to bring them all under the benign umbrella of national unity, social justice and equality, religious security and cultural dignity.

Resolution on Kashmir
– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1993

This meeting of Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal views with grave concerns the increasingly worsening situation in Jammu & Kashmir. The nefarious activities of the secessionist insurgents, after having completely driven out the minority Hindu population from the Kashmir valley, have now focused their attention on the Jammu region, especially the Doda district, where Muslims are in a majority. Emboldened by their success in the valley, these fundamentalist secessionists have adopted the same design and the same methods. Letters threatening the life and property of Hindu leaders, brutal murder of some of them, assaults on the Hindu temples and educational institutions, have been so rampant that many Hindus have fled from their residences and majority of schools in the rural area are either burnt or closed. The few schools that are working can neither sing the national anthem Jana Gana Mana, nor they can teach Hindi.

This deplorable situation in that unfortunate state is the culmination of a series of wrong decisions and misplaced priorities of the Union Government. Insistence to continue the article 370 is only one of the many signs of the myopic administration. Transfer of competent administrators and their replacement by supine persons is glaring evidence of their directionless policy. The talk of giving more autonomy to the state and uncalled for repetition of beginning the political process has only given wrong signals to the insurgents. In comparison to all other states, Jammu & Kashmir has always enjoyed more autonomy and the Kashmiri Muslims have been the most pampered people. All these measures pursued with almost a mindless obstinacy have, as expected proved terribly counterproductive and only further whetted the secessionist’s appetite. Starting of the political process without the rehabilitation of Hindu refugees hounded out of their hearths and hones will be rubbing salt into their wounds. The ABKM strongly deplores the irresponsible statements of the government spokesman in this regard.
The ABKM also will like to point out to the international peace agencies like the Amnesty International and also the USA Administration that the reports of excesses by security forces and human rights violations are the creation of a well-oiled and high profile propaganda machinery of the secessionists. Besides, it should also be remembered that insurgents cannot and should not be treated on par with law abiding citizens. It would be absurd to expect that the people up in arms against the state demanding secession are allowed to enjoy the normal legal facilities and constitutional rights. The ABKM would like to remind the American Government and the American people that Abraham Lincoln preferred civil war to the vivisection of the country.

The ABKM, therefore, proposes –
1) That the border with Pakistan occupied Kashmirbe sealed and infiltration of arms and men be completelystopped.
2) That a security belt be created along the border, and ex-servicemen be settled there, and they be provided with adequate arms.
3) That the Hindu refugees be rehabilitated in the valley and effective arrangements be made to protect their lives and honor.
4) That the Article 370 be deleted from the Constitution. This article is not only an impediment in the process of national integration, but it has also been used as a handle by unscrupulous politicians to exploit the masses.
5) That in any discussion regarding Kashmir representatives of Hindus in the valley as well as from Jammu, Buddhists from Ladakh, Gujjars and other minority Muslims of the valley like Anaadias and Shias, must be included.
6) that the whole of Kashmir Valley and the Doda district of Jammu region be handed over the Army till normalcy returns to the area.
7) that the three regional councils be set up for Ladakh, Kashmir Valley and Jammu for the balanced development of each region and also for equal opportunities of employment, education and security. At present, all these facilities are almost monopolized by the Kashmir valley.

Background note on the resolution on Kashmir
1) Everybody admits that the situation in Kashmir is grave, The Kashmir valley is under the complete control of terrorists. The Govt. exists only in the buildings of the Secretariat, Raj Bhavan, A.G. Office and Army cantonments.
2) Terrorists have acquired the capacity of fighting prolonged encounters with the Army. They have sophisticated weapons, an efficient communication system and well-oiled propaganda machinery. Even foreign nationals from Sudan, Afganisthan, Iran have joined the terrorist ranks.
3) The administration is soft towards the terrorists. Official secrets are regularly leaked to them. The recent revolt of the policemen is a pointer in that direction.
4) Suggestions from responsible Govt. spokesmen that pre-1953 situation would be created in Jammu &Kashmir, have instead of pacifying the terrorists further emboldened them.
5) Regardless of the potentially dangerous consequences the Union Government’s policy of appeasement still continues. The most recent example is a deal with the terrorists for starting the Srinagar Broadcasting station and the T.V. center. The Govt. has agreed to replace the salutation “Namaskar” by “Salam Walekum”, the designation “Pradhan Mantri” by “Vazire-e-Azam” and “Rashtrapati” by “Sadar”.
6) Murders of Hindu leaders are planned and executed, and their limbs and organs are chopped off bit by bit and their bodies hanged to terrorise and make the Hindu population to leave the district.
Call for social harmony
– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1994

It is well-known that the R.S.S. stands for the unity and harmony of the entire Hindu society. It is self-evident that the organised state of any society can be achieved only based on equality and through the harmonious behaviour of its constituents. The R.S.S. has been all along pursuing this goal as its life-mission and, to a considerable degree, successful in organising Hindu society in a spirit of emphasizing the unifying factors amidst its manifold diversities. But certain forces, with a view to creating a casteist vote-bank for achieving their narrow electoral ends, are trying to exploit the caste divisions and creating ill-will and hatred among different castes. By employing the most foul and vicious language, they are trying to provoke conflicts among different castes. No wonder, caste-riots have begun to appear, especially in the states like Bihar, U.P., and Rajasthan. The A.B.P.S. condemns the anti-social incitements and destructive acts and calls upon the Hindu society not to fall prey to such casteist tactics.

It is the considered opinion of the A.B.P.S. that the caste based divisive social structure and obnoxious outdated customs are totally repulsive to our Dharma and extremely harmful to our national life. It, therefore, especially calls upon all our socially alert people devoted to the noble ideal of social justice and harmonious social structure, to come forward to counter the vicious propaganda of divisive forces and help create an all pervasive and strong atmosphere in keeping with that ideal. It is high time we recapture the time-tested principle that brotherly and harmonious behaviour based on the sublime values of Hindutva can alone eliminate social tensions and eradicate social evils and ensure justice, security and respect to the weaker sections and never through foul and provocative language and acts.

The ABPS opposes the demand to extend the reservation facilities to the Muslim and Christian converts from the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. Such a measure will not only cut into the benefits of the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, but it will also give a fillip to the proselytising activities of these religions. These activities, we all know, are detrimental to our national identity & solidarity.

ABPS calls upon all the swayamsevaks to strive their utmost to inculcate the spirit of Hindutva among all sections of our society more so among the weaker sections- and thus defeat the manoeuvring of the fissiparous forces.

– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1994

The issue regarding the birthplace of Bhagawan Shri Rama Lalla the object of devotion for millions of Hindus has moved not only the Rambhaktas worldwide but also other sections of society. Although supported by irrefutable evidence and because of the unshakable faith of Ranbhaktas it is self-evident that the birthplace of Shri Rama is the spot at the temple in Ayodhya where pooja is offered without a break. For over 450 years a continuous fight has been, going on to liberate the site.

In the on-going struggle recently lakhs of Rambhaktas courted arrest, thousands were injured and a large number of them became martyrs. For the re-construction of the temple at Ramjanmabhoomi 110 million people performed shilapoojan in three lakh villages, 62.5 million people offered Rs. 1.25 each for the re-construction of the temple. Besides India, 34 other countries sent in Ramshilas as taken to their faith. Last year a memorandum signed by 97 million citizens was submitted to the President of India, demanding that only the temple be reconstructed at Ramjanmabhoomi. It is highly improper to leave undecided such a popular issue, involving the people’s dharmic faith.

The Pratinidhi Sabha urges the Central Government that it should not try the patience of the Hindu society and promptly hand over the acquired piece of land to Shri Ramjanmabhoomi Nyas and declare the spot as the birth-place of Lord Rama. The Pratinidhi Sabha fully endorses the resolution concerning the reconstruction of the Shri Ramjanmabhoomi temple.

It is regrettable that the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, which has been spearheading the movement for the reconstruction of the temple at Ramjanmabhoomi, has been banned since the last year and a quarter. For a healthy democracy it is imperative that an ideology is opposed only at an ideological level and not by repression. There is nothing but Government’ s policy of appeasement of Muslims behind the ban of V.H.P.

Last year a Tribunal had declared illegal the ban on Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Bajarang dal, in view of the number of noble activities conducted lay the VHP it was then hoped that Government would soon lift the ban on the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. The Government however has taken no such step.

The A. B. Pratinidhi Sabha earnestly requests Govt., that with due respect to the wishes of the judicial authority the ban on Vishwa Hindu Parishad be lifted without delay. At the same time the Sabha also calls upon all Hindu organisations to arouse public opinion against this Unconstitutional act of the Government so as to activate Government towards lifting the ban.

Bangladesh’s all-out onslaught on its Hindu and Other minorities
– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1994

The ABKM expresses its mounting concern over the fast deteriorating- condition of the Hindus and other minorities in Bangladesh due to the pincer attack of rapid Islamisation and consequential anti-minority stance of the Government in all spheres of life, on one hand, and on the other, implementation of the Pan-Islamic Plan of making Bangladesh an ‘all-Muslim country’ by totally obliterating the existence of the minorities either by driving them out by persistent persecution or converting them to Islam. This is being done by concerted efforts of all agencies of the Government machinery and Islamic fundamentalist organizations fired by the provocative call of ‘Jihad’ and fuelled by the unending flow of petro-dollars.

Persecution of Hindus
Discrimination against and harassment of the minorities in general, and Hindus in particular, have humbled all previous records by once again reviving the infamous ‘Enemy Properties act’, usurping Hindu land and properties in the guise of ‘Revenue Records/settlement Records’ updating, outright vesting of all ‘Devottar’ (Temple) properties to Government departments without any provision for legal relief, refusal to renew trade/ industrial licenses to Hindus thus completely crippling them economically. Non-payment of agreed price of Hindu Properties is the usual practice. Connivance with police helps the Muslims to implicate the vocal Hindus in false ‘cases’ costing lots of money and hardship. Violation and abduction of Hindu women, teasing Hindu girls in homes, on roads and in schools and colleges have forced many to keep indoors sacrificing their freedom of movement and education. The most sinister political fall-out emanates from the Government’ s efforts to settle Muslim families in all traditionally Hindu villages and areas and calculated delimiting election constituencies from local municipal ones to national parliament – in such a way that Hindu candidates could never win any election due to the emerging demographic pattern. Hindus are obviously panicky and are crossing the border leaving everything behind. Option before them is clear, either to leave the country to remain as ‘Hindus’ or stay there as ‘Muslims’.
Plight of Jumma people

The condition of Jumma (Chakma and other 11 hill tribes) people in Chittagong Hill Tract also continues to be miserable. The experiences of the first batch of 2000 refugees repatriated to Bangladesh under duress, out of the 60,000 refugees rotting in the camps in South Tripura in subhuman conditions, has been none too savoury. Their reception, rehabilitation and experience of living there have been far from satisfactory. The leader of the delegation of Refugee Observers, after having visited the area has categorically ruled out the possibility of any spontaneous cooperation. Still the insistence and arrogant role of the Tripura Governor and supported by the Central Government, in forcing the process of repatriation are not only mysterious but are being unduly viewed as blatantly malafide.

Call to the government of Bharat
The ABKM feels that the Government of Bharat is under obligation to raise its voice against the mal- treatment of Hindus and other minorities in Bangladesh, who had been assured during the time of Partition and also subsequently that their interests will be looked after by it. Efforts at all levels, inter-governmental, international and through Human Rights organizations, must be made to ensure conducive conditions in Bangladesh and continuous monitoring by some neutral agency so that this story of human tragedy is not repeated.
The ABKM also urges upon the saner and liberal elements in Bangladesh to raise their strong protest-against the atrocities on the minorities by the fundamentalist forces in collusion with the Government and fulfill the expectations generated during the liberation of Bangladesh, in the creation of which Bharat had played a crucial role.
On Uniform Civil Code
– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1995

The ABKM heartily welcomes the historic judgment of the Supreme Court, emphasizing the urgent national need to take immediate legislative steps for enactments of law on the Uniform Civil Code in accordance with the letter and spirit of Article 44 of our Constitution. The Apex Court has also directed the Central as well as State Govt. to indicate the steps taken by them within a time schedule specified by the Court. In contrast to the spontaneous approbation by all nationally conscious sections of society of the landmark judicial verdict, it is highly unfortunate that the attitude of the Central Govt. has been one of dillydallying and dubious in initiating steps to honour the same.

The ABKM notes with appreciation the declarations of the Maharashtra State Govt. to go ahead in the light of the S.C.’s directive and the B.J.P. leaderships policy statement on similar lines. The ABKM urges upon all the members of the Parliament, irrespective of their party affiliations, to uphold the majesty of the judiciary and to set the process of legislative machinery in motion for enacting the long-awaited legislation on the Uniform Civil Code for all the citizens of the country.

On cow protection
– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1995

The A.B.K.M. heartily congratulated the State Govt. of Delhi and Rajasthan for having completely banned Cow-slaughter and initiating measures to set up Gosadans and Go Seva Commission. The A.B.K.M. congratulates the State Govt. of Gujrat and Maharashtra for their efforts to impose a total ban on cow-slaughter. The A.B.K.M. records its deep appreciation of various people’s agitations to close down slaughterhouses at Akberpur, Kanpur, Alkabir abattoir in Andhra Pradesh, and the successful movement at Dera bassi in Punjab, as well as the protest by Jain organisations against loan schemes of IDBI to such slaughterhouses.

The A.B.K.M. is gravely anguished over the fact that 3.5 lakhs cattle including 50,000/- cows are slaughtered every day, including those being smuggled to Bangladesh for the same purpose. At this rate the very existence of our country’s cattle wealth will be under the serious threat of near extinction by the turn of the century. As a result, agriculture will depend totally on tractors; fertility of the land will be further eroded due to total dependence on chemical fertilisers, dependence on foreign countries will be further aggravated for fertilisers, diesel and pesticides. Together with this the livelihood of millions depending on agriculture and allied avocations will be endangered, this will lead to further migration of village population to cities which are already problem stricken.
It is the considered opinion of the A.B.K.M, that Govt. of Indian in trying to run scores of slaughterhouse for earning meager foreign exchange and securing minority support, is flouting the Directive Principles of State Policy. It is a paradox that whereas there is serious shortage of milk for our people and bio-manure is being imported, yet the cattle wealth is being decimated for export beef.

The A.B.K.M. urges the Govt. of India to close down forth with abattoirs ( and reject proposals for new ones as in West Bengal ) which are run only to export meat and also clamp a total ban on cow slaughter throughout the country, as well as take effective steps to prevent smuggling of cattle. More importantly any democratic Govt. worth the name should uphold the sanctity of cow – the symbol of our national reverence and worship and the sacrifices and commitments made by our past and recent saints, freedom fighters and martyrs in the cause of cow protection like the Dharmacharyas, Satguru Ramsingh, Prabhudatta Brahmachari, Gandhiji, Vinobaji and many more.

The A.B.K.M. calls upon all sections of the society to mount a powerful public pressure to compel the central and various State Govt. so as to ensure a total ban on slaughter of cow and her progeny all over the country.
The A.B.K.M. exhorts the Swayamsevaks to assist and strengthen all movements for protection and preservation of cow.

– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1998

With reference to Sivagiri Mutt take-over and Kerala Hindu Religious and Charitable Institutions and Endowment Act The ABPS expresses its grave concern over the “Hindu religious and charitable institution and endowment Bill” presently before the Kerala Legislative Assembly which intends to empower the Government controlled Devasam Board to takeover not only temples but also independent and autonomous Mutts and Ashrams including those with headquarters outside the state, despite near unanimous opposition from the non-Marxist parties and organisation. The rising religious consciousness among the very section of the population, which had hitherto been their traditional support base, has made them apprehensive of its erosion. This could hamper their use of the temple funds and properties for non-religious purposes. Hence, they are bent upon passing the bill, not only to maintain their sagging support – base but also to simultaneously weaken the religious faith of the Hindus.
This comes in the wake of notorious bill by which the Marxist Government took over the administration of the’Sivagiri Mutt along with all the religious and cultural institutions under it. The excuse trotted out was faction feuds among Sanyasins and the likelihood of breach of peace. Their justification of the bill by forwarding the analogy of the takeover of the Auroville by the Pondicherry Govt. is totally inapplicable as according to the assertion of Auroville people themselves, it is a non-religious organisation. The Sivagiri Mutt, which has the largest number of temples and other religious institutions in Kerala and even outside, was founded by Shree Narayana Guru, the great spiritual leader, social reformer and the architect of modern Kerala and holds the place of pride among the Hindus, particularly Ezhavas who constitute the largest segment of Hindu population. To add insult to injury the Chief Minister even ridiculed the seventy odd sanyasins of the mutt on the floor of the House.

In protest against the bill, the head of the Mutt His Holiness Swami Prakasananda along with a group of Sanyasins went on the month-long fast which aroused the popular consciousness against the injustice. The agitation is still on. The Dewaswom Bill, if passed, is bound to reduce the Hindu Temples of the state to the status of the Government’s Milch Cows. Hindus of Kerala have voiced their strong protest against the Bill. Statewide signature campaign has also been carried out. But the Government has not shown any sign of relenting.

The two Bills mentioned above are unjust, discriminatory, malafide and an impermissible encroachment on the Fundamental Right of the Hindus to Practice religion. The legislation is bound to create disastrous consequences for the Hindu society in Kerala Both of them pose a challenge to the competence of the Hindus to manage their own religious affairs. It is heartening to see that the Hindus of Kerala have taken up the challenge in all seriousness. The ABPS expresses its solidarity with the sentiments of the Hindus of Kerala and also calls upon the people of the rest of the country to give their unstinted support and co-operation to the people there who are fighting with all their might the Marxist Government’s partisan steps.

The ABPS appeals to the Government of Kerala to withdraw the Hindu Religious and Charitable institutions and endowments Bill and also to hand over the administration of the Sivagiri Mutt to the duly elected sanyasins thereby demonstrating their faith in the time-honoured tradition that religious institutions be administrated by religious authorities and not by secular political power.


This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1998

This meeting of the Akhil Bharatya Karyakari Mandal deplores the efforts by sizable section of the Christian Missionaries in Bharat to spread false information regarding Hindu organisations like the R.S.S. and the V.H.P. by alleging that they are persecuting the Christian minority in India.

Blowing out of proportion certain isolated incidents, they propagate that the Christians are being victimised in various parts of the country. In certain cases, like the Jhabua incident in Madhya Pradesh they concocted stories of rapes of nuns by Hindu activitists, whereas the truth is that the accused were certain anti-social elements and converted Christians themselves. In states like Gujarat and Kerala, totally baseless news was spread about burning of Bible, knowing full well that there was absolutely no truth in it.

It is quite clear that there is a well-planned conspiracy behind such propaganda. Otherwise, it could not have been so well orchestrated and so well sustained all over the country and even abroad by cleverly manipulating the print and the electronic media. The Karyakari Mandal condemns the misuse of a section of the media by the Church agencies to tarnish the image of the Hindutva movements in such unethical ways. This meeting earnestly appeals to that section of the media which is influenced by their propaganda, to find out the truth or otherwise of such allegations and disclose the factual happenings in a just and judicious manner for enlightening the public.
Karyakari Mandal takes serious note of the fact that the Church Missions are indulging in such nefarious tactics with ulterior motive of covering up their deeply-laid global conspiracy of massive conversion of Hindus to Christianity.

“Evangelisation 2000 and Beyond” is a project that has been meticulously and jointly operated all over the world, particularly in Bharat. they have made no secret of their intentions to provide”, a church for every village and a Bible for every individual” by year 2000 AD. An incredibly large array of missionaries, equipped with most modern and sophisticated devices are already engaged in this task. It must be specially remembered that Pope himself has gone on record that he is keen on the cultural evangelisation of Bharat.
The Karyakari Mandal would like to remind the missionaries the admonition administered by Mahatma Gandhi himself at the Christian Missionary Conference at Madras in June 1918 where he was invited to speak that mass conversion of Hindu to Christianity is an immoral act and they should stop indulging in it. It also calls upon the Hindu society to be alert to the threat faced by vulnerable sections of the Hindu society in particular and the Hindus in general by these foreign subversive forces.

Birth tricentenary of the ‘Khalsa’
This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1998

It is indeed a matter of immense joy and inspiration that our people here and abroad will participate in the celebrations of the 300th year anniversary of the founding the Khalsa Panth by the 10th Guru Shri Gurugovind Singh on 13th April 1699 with the avowed purpose of protecting the Hindu Dharma. The A.B.K.M. offers its heartfelt congratulations to all of them on this auspicious occasion.

The flame of spirituality, which manifested itself in the form of Guru Nanak, a withness to the barbarous invasion and persecution of Hindus by Babar, continued to become ever more a effulgent in the form of the eight subsequent Gurus and during the time of the 10th Guru Shri Govinda Singhji incarnated the flame itself in the form of the divine sword wielding it the Guru declared.

“Let the glory of the Khalsa Panth spread the world over and protect the Hindu Dharma by sweeping off the Islamic smoke.”

On the one hand Guru Govind Singh established the Khalsa Panth to rouse the spirit of heroism among the people, on the other he gave shape to the Nirmal sect, an order of wandering sanyasis devoted to the holy mission of disseminating the tenets of Dharma among the masses. He also invoked the spirit of selfless service to the afflicted mankind by creating the Seva Panth. That Maha Manav, who sacrficed his father and all his four sons on the altar of Dharma, inspired lakhs of his followers to cheerfully lay down their lives in the cause of Dharma. This finally fructified in the establishment of Khalsa Raj by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, exactly 100 years later; with the clarion call of ‘Raj karega Khalsa baaki rahe na koi (The Khalsa will rule and no sinner will be no more) coming to a successful culmination.

During this 300th birth anniversary of the Khalsa Panth, many programmes will be undertaken in our country and abroad by many organizations, with a view to educating our people about the spiritual, devotional and valorous content of this grand personality of Shri Guru Govind Singh.

The A.B.K.M. exhorts all the Swayamsevaks of Sangh not only to enthusiastically participate in all those programmes but also to arrange public meetings at all our Shakha centres during the week accompanying the first Baisakhi of the 52nd Century of Kaliyuga (13 April 1999) and thereby rouse the fervour of wisdom devotion and bravery among our countrymen, so as to enable them to face the threats being posed to our Dharma and Sanskriti. On this occasion, all of us are invariably drawn to the perspective observation of Swami Vivekananda “If you want to become a genuine Hindu and a social reformer each one of you will have to follow in the footsteps of Guru Govind Singh.”

The resolution on Christian Church’s tactics
– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1999

This meeting of the ABPS of the R.S.S. strongly condemns the blatantly false propaganda unleashed by the Christian missionaries and their cronies, in order to deliberately malign the Hindu organisations. Whether it was an alleged rape on the nuns in Jhabua (M.P.), or the alleged tearing of the Bible at Rajkot in Gujarat, the skirmishes between Hindu and Christian tribals in Dang in Gujarat sparked off by the attack of Christians on the peaceful Hindu meeting, the alleged theft of the Bible at Wayanad in Kerala, or the alleged threat to the American missionaries in Allahabad, the alleged rape of a nun at Baripada in Orissa or the murder of an Australian Missionary and his two sons in Manoharpur in Orrisa – all these events most of which fake and concocted, and others shockingly tragic have been blown out of all proportion and calculatedly exploited for the purpose of motivated propaganda. The motive behind the grossly exaggerated, one sided and biased propaganda appears not only to tarnish the image of Hindu organisations but also to put the entire Hindu Society in the dock. No doubt, a rape is a despicable crime, murder is unpardonable, the tearing of a scared book a sacrilege and therefore fit to be unambiguously condemned, but what should be the punishment awarded to those like the Principal of a Mission School in Rajkot, who played a dirty trick on the unsuspecting young pupils of his school or to the nun in Baripada who falsely raised a hue and cry about a non-existent offence or to those who advertised the theft of the Bible where there was none, or about the threat to the American Missionary, where there was no threat to any Missionary and the said Missionary was not at all an American. The ABPS condemns the organized Church in India for internationalizing the non-existent issue of atrocities on Christians in India and thus bringing down the image of our nation in the eyes of the world.

Unfortunate role of media
The ABPS is extremely pained to record that the role of the media in general and the English Press in particular, barring a few honourable exceptions and also of some political, parties and the West-Controlled electronic media was most partisan and biased in reporting and commenting on these happenings. Without scrutinizing the veracity of the information doled out to them by interested parties, they indulged in their fond game of whipping up the V.H.P. and other Hindu organisations who had absolutely no role in all these happenings. They have unnecessarily created bad blood between the Hindus and the Christians. It is beyond our comprehension because the so-called secular Press and parties presented themselves in such irresponsible and communal colours. In the face of the Gujarat Press giving true and factual reports of the Dang happenings, the English Press owes an explanation, in particular to the Gujarat people, who felt insulted and discredited by the spate of one sided highly biased news and comments by them. The ABPS feels that it is not only the Gujarat people but also the entire Hindu Society, which feels extremely hurt. This anguish of the Hindus has been correctly expressed by the heads of different sects and mutts, in Karnataka who asked the media to stop bashing the majority community, thereby defaming our country in the eyes of the world. The ABPS expresses its grateful thanks to these religious heads and hopes that the media will be able to realize the damage that their biased reporting has done to the nation’s prestige.

National debate on Evangelism
The ABPS also exhorts all our patriotic countrymen to respond to the call of the vast on course of Dharmacharyas and Sadhus of the Dharma Sansad recently organised by the V.H.P. at Ahmedabad to stop conversion. It is no secret that the R.S.S. is against proselytization being rampantly carried on by the Christian Churches. It may be the agenda of the World Churches to evangelize the whole of Bharat. But was as Hindus shall never allow this to happen. This program of evangelism has no spiritual content in it. It is out and out an imperialist conspiracy. By Converting vulnerable sections of Hindu Society, by force, fraud, or allurement or by all of them put together, they are alienating our people from their culture and tradition and thus, in effect denationalizing them. The tragic partition of our motherland barely half a century ago and the secessionist insurgency whether in Kashmir or in the Northeast, are all the effect of Hindus being reduced to a minority in those parts. The R.S.S. is committed not to allow any further vivisection of our sacred motherland.

As Hindus we are proud to have in our midst any number of faiths, beliefs, sects and religions. We do not only tolerate but also appreciate their existence. Never the less the ABPS in all seriousness will like to ask our countrymen, to ponder whether faiths and religions that do not believe in the validity of other faiths and religions and try to denigrate and destroy them, be allowed to propagate their exclusive, intolerant and fundamentalist doctrines? We may not object to their right to profess and practice, but do such faiths deserve to have a fundamental right to propagate their intolerant creed? Is it consistent with our secular democracy? Despite the unambiguous verdict of the highest Court in this land, the Church maintains that the right to propagate means right to convert. The R.S.S. do not subscribe to this contention and will like to have a national debate on this score.

Call to the Hindu people
The A.B.P.S. therefore calls upon all the branches of the Sangh and all other devoted institutions and individuals that have the integrity of our nation at their heart, to expose the dangerous dubious and unethical evangelising tactics of the Church, like perverting the teachings of Shri Shankar Dev of Assam and branding them as “Yeshu Ghosha” in the place of “Nama Ghosha” howsoever innocuous and attractive grab they may don. For the sake of unity and integrity of our country, it has become inevitable to thwart the nefarious endeavours aimed at alienating the people from their traditional national faith and culture. The Swayamsevaks in particular are urged to reach every nook and corner of our country and enlighten the people about the imperialist designs of certain world powers that are financing the enlighten the people about the imperialist designs of certain world powers that are financing the anti-national programmes of mass conversion. It should be noted that the uninterrupted inflow of huge foreign funds to various Church agencies as confirmed by the Union Home Ministry, is at the root of all conversion activities based on inducements. As such, it becomes the duty of the Govt.., to plug such surreptitious channels of funding. The uncalled-for interest certain foreign Western countries have evinced regarding the welfare of Christians in Bharat is nothing short of interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign country. These foreign factors are no less responsible for the disruption of the country’s social fabric. The A.B.P.S. emphasises that the mass awakening campaign be carried on in a peaceful and democratic manner. Let us be careful that no lumpen elements creep in to tarnish the fair name of the R.S.S. and the Hindu Society. We have nothing against our Christian brethren, but are totally against the vendors trading in wholesale evangelism. The ABPS calls upon the entire Hindu people to take a pledge to fight the menace.
On cow–protection
– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 2000

The ABPS urges the Central Government to initiate legislation banning slaughter of Cow and her entire Family throughout the country. It is a fact well recognised that the Cow occupies a unique place in the national psyche. It is held as sacred and deep religious sentiments govern the attitude of our countrymen. In is called “kamadhenu” . The economic advantages implicit in Cow- protection compels us to consider the question with all earnestness.

Needless to emphasise, ours is an agricultural economy in which Cows and bullocks play a pivotal role. This vital economic aspect overrides all other considerations to hold back the legislation. It is intimately connected with rural reconstruction programme underway. The belief that the Cows and bullocks on becoming old turn out to be economic liability has no foundation in facts. On the contrary they are on the asset side always.
The utility value in the forms of manure, pesticide, gobar gas & the medical ingredients outweigh the economic burden if there is any. Running of Go-shalas by workers thoroughly trained , and tutored will go a long way towards convincing the economic benefits of Cow protection . Employment generation and the total absence of pollution make it a sound national enterprise Moreover the natural manure is more productive than the Chemical fertilizers. Besides, it does no harm t the fertility of the soil. The meeting also appeals to the fanners and the peasantry to exercise utmost concern towards the welfare of Cows and bullocks as they are integral parts of the farmers family.

We may further remind that the Government is under a constitutional obligation to ban Cow – slaughter in view of the provisions of the Directives principles of state policy. The A.B.P.S. suggests that the Government should appoint a ‘Rashtriya Go Sewa Ayog’ empowering it with financial and excutive powers adequate to provide for the protection of cattle- wealth.

The Pope-visit
– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 2000

This meeting of the ABPS of the RSS strongly condemns the averment of Pope John Paul the II that the Church would target the continent of Asia to convert it to Christianity in the third Christian millennium. That the Pope made this statement on the soil of Bharat, demonstrates that he has abused the hospitality that brought him to this land of tolerance and ‘Sarva pantha-samadar.’

The A.B.P.S. calls upon all the people of Asia in general and those of Bharat in particular to be wary of the evil designs of the Church and thwart their attempts to denigrate and destroy our ancient religions. Let it be clearly understood that the Church dare not touch the Muslim community and that all their proselytising machinations are directed only towards the Hindus including Jains, Bouddhas and Sikhs because the Church thinks that they are the soft targets. Let it be borne in mind that to allow a Hindu to get converted to Christianity is tantamount to making him religious intolerant and uprooting him from his social, cultural and familial ties and transform him into a potential secessionist. Let us not allow this proselytising poison to enter our locality, whatever benign mask it may put on.

The A.B.P.S. appeals to all Vedic, Jain, Bouddha, Sikh and all other Hindu religious organizations to reach the poor and illiterate people, especially those living in tribal belts and the slums, educate them about the Church-sponsored conspiracy of evangelism, inculcate in them unshakable commitment to their great and noble religious tenets and win their hearts through various service projects that minister to their needs. This has become most urgent and essential because, after the visit of the Pope, the proselytizing activities of the church, as apprehended by the discerning people, have received a powerful boost. This is evident from the hugely increased flow of money to the Church in various guises from foreign countries and their army of missionaries operating in the areas of poor and illiterate people!

The A.B.P.S. therefore, ardently desires that the various Hindu religious bodies come together and evolve a concerted plan to not only halt the rampant conversion, but also to bring back to our fold those that were converted to intolerant faiths by force, fraud or allurement. To achieve this home coming we have only to change our mindset and open the doors of our hearts and homes and welcome them back as our loving brethren.

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