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Resolutions Passed by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on issues related to Hindu Faith and Hinduness from 1981-1990

Updated: March 31, 2023 15:09

Tactics of Internal Disruption

– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1981

The A.B.P.S. hereby seeks to draw the attention of our countrymen to foreign-inspired, disruptive movements, which have raised their ugly heads in several parts of the country under the cover of the “sons of the soil” theory and are inciting hatred against other linguistic groups and demanding autonomous states. Efforts are also afoot to further divide the Hindu society by raking up controversies between the hill tribes and the people from plains, Harijans and other Hindus, tribals and non-tribals, ‘Northerners’ and ‘Southerners’ etc. Further, a systematic propaganda is indulged in to depict Jain, Bouddha, Sikh, and Lingayat etc. as being non-Hindus. Unfortunately, many of the parochial leaders are only adding fuel to the fire by seeking to exploit the differences for their own partisan ends.

The A.B.P.S. affirms the basic truth of our national life being one and indivisible and endowed with a rich diversity. And it is the liberal Hindu tradition alone which respects and stands guarantee to these diverse specialties. Any attempt to strike at the innate unity of the Hindus or to reduce them to a minority in any area would only result in aiding the forces of disruption and secession.

The A.B.P.S. calls upon all our countrymen and more so the Swayamsevaks to be vigilant about these dangerous trends and apply themselves to the urgent task of Hindu consolidation. The A.B.P.S. feels deeply perturbed over the explosive situation in Gujarat and elsewhere arising out of the issue of reservation.

As one believing in the indivisible unity of the entire Hindu Society including Harijans and tribals, the R.S.S. has consistently been endeavouring to arouse this inherent spirit of oneness. The R.S.S. considers it necessary that reservation be continued for the present with a view to bringing all these brethren of ours who have remained backward in educational, social and economic fields over the centuries at par with the rest of society.

The A.B.P.S. is of the opinion that the policy of reservation has, because of its wrong implementation, become a tool of power politics and election-tactics instead of serving the purpose for which it was framed. And this has resulted in generating mutual ill will and conflict in our society in several parts of the country. In the considered opinion of this Sabha, the national resolve of building up a harmonious and egalitarian society cannot be achieved on the strength of constitutional and political measures alone. The Sabha therefore suggests the constituting of a committee of non-partisan social thinkers, which will study in depth all the problems arising out of reservations and suggest positive steps for the uplift of Harijans and tribals. The committee should also recommend necessary concessions to the other economically backward sections with a view to ensuring their speedy development.

The A.B.P.S. agrees with the Prime Minister’s viewpoint that the reservation cannot be a permanent arrangement, that these crutches will have to be done away with as soon as possible, and that because of this arrangement merit and efficiency should not be allowed to be adversely affected. The Sabha appeals to all other political parties and leaders as well to support this viewpoint and initiate measures to find a solution to the problem.

The A.B.P.S. believes that the desired result can be achieved only through the combined efforts of social and Governmental agencies. The Sabha exhorts the people and in particular the Sangh Swayamsevaks to strive to create social harmony and good-will, so that our society becomes capable of solving its problems without giving rise to mutual bitterness or conflicts and be in a position to defuse the tension if and when such occasions arise.

Meenakshipuram Conversion

   – This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1981

The A.B.K.M. is deeply concerned over the recent mass conversions of Hindus into Islam at Meenakshipuram and certain other villages of Tamilnadu. Reports further indicate that several more such mass conversions are being planned in many villages there and elsewhere in the country also.

All impartial agencies – press, social institutions, religious and political groups – which have made an on-the-spot study have affirmed the influence of vast amounts of money, coercion and such other illegal and anti-religious methods in the conversion. Even the flow of foreign money is strongly suspected.

The lavish scale on which the mammoth function was organized on the day of conversion at Meenakshipuram, participation of a Muslim M.P., an M.L.A., and leaders of several Muslim organizations including mullahs and maulvis, and attendance of a large number of Muslim men and women from surrounding places – all these point to the well-planned nature of the entire incident.

Reports also reveal the many underhand tactics being adopted by the Muslim proselytisers such as aggravation and exploitation of ‘untouchability’, the lure of so-called equality in Islam (in fact Muslim society too has no less divisions and discriminations) as against the discrimination in the Hindu fold, instigation of police against the Harijans, promises of security in the Muslim fold because of political favoritism, and dangling of lucrative jobs in oil-rich Muslim countries. It is also highly unfortunate that certain political leaders have sought to politicize the serious social problem and in the process provided moral justification for the conversion.
Experience of past history amply bears out the fact that such conversions do not merely imply a simple change in way of worship, but destruction of national culture and sentiments, growth of separatist and secessionist tendencies and extra-territorial loyalties and communal animosities and flare-ups as well, which directly strike at the roots of our national integrity and security. As such, the problem of such conversions should be a matter of serious concern for all our patriotic and nationalist people.
The A.B.K.M. welcomes the concern and disapproval expressed by the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu and a few other political leaders regarding such conversions. The A.B.K.M. calls upon the Government to undertake follow-up measures and impose a legal ban on conversions and flow of foreign money so as to put an end to all such nefarious attempts which are even now going on at several places all over the country. The Karyakari Mandal also appeals to the political parties to realize the grave implications of this national problem and desist from trying to exploit it for party ends.
The A.B.K.M. appeals to our Hindu Harijan brethren to stand united, as in the past, with the main body of Hindu society keeping in view the interests of our nation, and refuse to play into the hands of such anti-national forces. The Karyakari Mandal also urges all those who have been, in a moment of frustration, lured into an alien faith, to return to their parental society and faith and at the same time assures them that it will leave no stone unturned to secure for them a place of respect and equality in the Hindu society.
Finally, the A.B.K.M. calls upon the entire Hindu Society to bury deep the internal caste dissentions and the pernicious practice of untouchability and stand up as one single homogeneous family, so that the neglected and down-trodden sections will be assured of a place of equality, security and honor in the Hindu fold. And it heartily appreciates the initiative taken by several religious and social leaders and organizations in this direction and urges the people to whole-heartedly support their efforts.


Assault on Hindus in Kanyakumari District

 – This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1982

The A.B.P.S. is deeply perturbed over the orgy of calculated violence and vandalism, which has been rocking the Kanyakumari District of Tamilnadu. Evidences are galore that these have been a part of a deep-laid conspiracy masterminded by the Christian religious heads to convert the district into a wholly Christian-dominated one. Having captured a dominant position in educational, medical and other social fields, they have in recent years gone ahead in changing the names of scores of villages giving them a Christian slant and are planning to rename the district as Kannika Meri (Virgin Mary) district. Of late, they have started attacking Hindu religious functions, processions and shrines on a wide scale. Having failed to thwart the erection of the great national memorial to Swami Vivekananda on the Rock, they then set about obstructing the ferry service and have in fact succeeded in illegally occupying the jetty area and converting it into a beach. The present series of attacks beginning with the massive assault by Christian fishermen on the sea-bathing Hindu women devotees and their molestation at Mandaikaadu on 1st March at the annual age-old function was followed up by an undeclared war on Hindus, resulting in destruction and devastation of Hindu houses, shops, plantations, shrines and service institutions all over the district. The statement in Rajya Sabha of Sri P. Venkata Subbaiah, Minister of State for Home Affairs, on 19th instant amply confirms this fact. A virulent propaganda offensive, especially an anti-Hindu, anti-police and anti-R.S.S. poster war, was unleashed to whip up Christian mass frenzy by exploiting the death in the police firing of six of the aggressive Christian fishermen, who had attacked the police with lethal weapons at Mandaikaadu, and depicting it as martyrdom. It is obvious, innocent Christian fishermen have been incited in the name of Christianity against the local Hindu population.

These tell-tale happenings in Kanyakumari District have, beyond a shadow of doubt, exposed the real anti-national, anti-Hindu face of Christian missionary activity and should serve as an eye-opener to all the nationalist-minded people in general and the Government in particular.

These and other aggressive moves appear to be in line with the “Urban Rural Mission-Race and Minority Programme” as detailed in the publication of Christian Conference of Asia. The publication also mentions allocation of special funds contributed by foreign agencies including governments to finance the Action Programme.

The Sabha urges the Tamilnadu Government to undertake firm measures to immediately control the situation and to post officers known for their impartiality and integrity in the district, so that all such anti-national elements may be held in check and the anxiety and fear in the minds of Hindus be dispelled.

The Sabha also calls upon the enlightened section among the Christians to come out openly in condemnation of anti-social forces masquerading under the religious garb and warn their co-religionists of the same. It ill becomes of the Christians, who have prospered because of the generosity of Hindus, to take undue advantage of it and carry on such nefarious activities under the garb of “minority rights” and privileges.
The Sabha appeals to the Hindus in Kanyakumari District to stand united, sinking all their internal differences of caste, sect, party etc., with a view to safeguarding our society and Dharma and assures them of its whole-hearted sympathy and support.


Bangladesh infiltration into West Bengal, Bihar

– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1982 

The A.B.P.S. views with grave concern the alarming dimension in the intrusion of Muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh into seven border districts of West Bengal, namely, Cooch Behar, Jalpaiguri, West Dinajpur, Murshidabad, Malda, Nadia and 24 paraganas, and in the districts of Purnea, Katihar and Santhal paraganas in Bihar. Such pernicious infiltration has been reflected in the abnormally disproportionate growth in the population of these districts as revealed in the recent 1981 Census publications. Infiltration of 5 lakhs of foreign nationals, which include 3 lakhs of stranded erstwhile Pakistanis in and around Calcutta, is patently demonstrated by the issuance of the like number of ration cards. With the active connivance of certain Muslim M.L.A.s, Municipal Commissioners and Panchayat functionaries, not only ration cards but also passports in some cases are being issued and these documents may be put into malafide use as purported evidence of their Indian citizenship. Such unchecked infiltration for the last ten years has resulted in reducing the Hindus to a minority in a couple of districts bordering Bangladesh, thus making the border vulnerable to external aggression. Many mischief-mongering infiltrators have been responsible for the recent spurt in loot, arson, decoities, demolition of Hindu temples etc, and in aggravating the separatist movement by the extremists in those areas.

The Sabha calls upon the Central Government and the State Governments of Bihar and West Bengal to take effective steps to checkmate such influx forthwith and to deport them peremptorily and also urges upon the entire nation to build up a vigilant public awareness against the influx from across the borders.


Anti-Hindu Conspiracy

– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1982 

The A.B.K.M. expresses it deep concern at the way the Christians and Communists have joined hands with the Muslims in the recent Tamilnadu outrages against the Hindus which smacks of a deep-laid joint conspiracy aimed at disruption of Hindu society. Coming closely on the heels of the strategy involving Christian, Muslim and communist agencies-both foreign and Indian – outlined at the Christian Conference of Asia held in May last year at Bangalore, to engineer rebellions of Dalits against the other Hindus and the Government with the cry of independent Dalitstan, the Tamilnadu carnage points to a pattern likely to unfold itself in vulnerable areas all over the country.
And all this is being carried on through ‘minority conferences’ under the smoke-screen of ‘minority rights.’ The insidious way in which the Harijans, Girijans and other neglected sections of our society are sought to be clubbed together with Muslims and Christians as ‘minorities’, can indicate but one thing – their design to slice off big chunks of Hindu society with a view to gradually sucking them into their fold and dragging the entire country into the Islamic and Christian orbits.

It is a travesty of the constitution and perversion of secularism that the so-called minorities should enjoy rights so as to be in a position to subvert the security of the nation itself. It is high time this dangerous distortion and discrimination is set right. And towards this end, the A.B.K.M. urges our countrymen to raise their voice of protest and insist upon the Government to rectify matters without delay.

Inciting Elements of Internal Disruption

— This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1982

The A.B.K.M. is gravely perturbed over the shocking incidents at Puliangudi and other places in the vicinity of Meenakshipuram in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu – where riots have taken a terrific toll of over five hundred houses and twenty five lives.
Facts, revealed by impartial enquiries and pressmen, are tell- tale. The Muslim proselytizing agencies and politicians including M.P.s and M.L.A.s, who were at the back of the Meenakshipuram conversion, have taken a leading part in inciting these outbreaks as well. Under the cloak of championing the cause of the poor and the downtrodden-through the forum of Samatva Sahodaratva Sangham – they had been for sometime past provoking a section of Harijans against the other Hindus. It was the highly venomous instigations indulged in by the Muslim leaders at the Kadayanallore conference of S.S.S. on 8th June, that plunged those adjoining areas, which were singularly free from inter-caste clashes so far, into an orgy of mutual destruction among Hindus. In addition, the Muslims launched direct attack on the weaker sections among the Hindus.

It is unfortunate that the Tamil Nadu Government has succumbed to pressure tactics of such dangerous anti-national communal groups and in place of taking stern steps against them, has chosen to victimize the Hindus themselves. The prohibiting of the religious Jnana Ratham from moving with loudspeakers on in the Harijan villages of Tirunelveli district, the prohibition of Hare Krishna procession in a locality in Madras, the prompt release of the arrested instigators of the Puliangudi holocaust while continuing to detain the Hindus behind bars-all such acts will only further embolden the aggressive postures of the mischief-mongers. With tragedies like Meenakshipuram, Mandaikadu and now Puliangudi staring in their face, the Tamilnadu Government, we hope, will at least now initiate right and firm measures to stem the rot before it is too late.
The recent Tamilnadu atrocities where Hindus – both Harijans and others – have grievously suffered, should serve as an eye-opener to all the Hindus, especially to the Harijan and other backward sections, to refuse to become pawns in the hands of anti-Hindu forces in their plot of setting up one caste against the other with separatist slogans and provocative caste appeals.

The A.B.K.M. calls upon all our Hindu brethren in the country-and of Tamil Nadu in particular-to see through this dangerous game and defeat the anti-national conspiracies and help foster mutual goodwill, harmony and unity among all sections of Hindu Society. The A.B.K.M. also appeals to the nationalist press to keep track of the real forces at work behind such incidents and expose them fearlessly, so as to put the people and the Government on the alert.

Tamil Nadu Govt.’s Ban on Hindu Conference

– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1983

The uncalled for and last minute banning by the Tamil Nadu Government of the procession and conference of Hindus at Nagercoil on 13th February last has deeply perturbed the entire Hindu Society. Arrangements and publicity for the ensuing mammoth programme had been gone through from the very start up to just two days before the conference, with the full concurrence and co-operation of the local Collector and the S.P. This fact nails the false propaganda of the Government that they had tried to persuade the organisers of the conference to postpone the same but the latter had not responded. However, with less than 36 hours to go for the conference, as a bolt from the blue, prohibitory orders were promulgated: all kinds of vehicular approaches to Nagercoil were sealed and scores of prominent and respected Hindu leaders and citizens, including revered Shri Madhurananda Swamiji were put behind bars. Further, the more than 10 thousand strong peaceful assemblage of Hindus at Nagercoil was subjected to brutal lathi charge and firing, claiming one victim. The martyr was the young Sri Kumar (20), who bared his chest to the police declaring his readiness to embrace death rather than submit to Government’s suppression of rights of Hindus. Then followed another wave of hundreds of arrests. Even stray citizens and ladies were not spared from the police assaults. The police entered with their boots on into Shri Nagaraja Temple even up to the sanctum sanctorum and beat up the worshipping devotees. The blood-splattered inside walls and floor of the temple bore testimony to the police atrocities and sacrilege there in.

The anti-Hindu actions of the Government did not abate even after that, and the 46-years-old traditional annual Hindu Religious Conference at Mandaikadu was also curbed and stopped by the Government.

No one will be left in doubt about the real reasons at the back of this blatantly anti-Hindu, anti-democratic step of the Tamil Nadu Government in the light of the demand of certain fanatical Christian sections to ban the conferences and the Government’s corresponding measures soon after, with an eye on their block votes.

The Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha strongly resents the action of the Tamil Nadu Government in trampling upon the basic religious and fundamental rights of the Hindus with a view to appeasing the communal Christian elements and urges the Government to take immediate steps, such as to release all the arrested Hindus, withdraw all the cases against them, compensate for the losses suffered by the people because of police atrocities and institute without delay a judicial enquiry to go into all aspects of the tragedy, so as to restore the confidence of Hindus in the Government’s sense of justice and impartiality.

The Pratinidhi Sabha also demands from the Tamil Nadu Government that they refrain, at least hereafter, from yielding to the pressures and blackmail of fanatical communal elements and strive to create an atmosphere of equal rights and opportunities to all sections of people.

The Sabha heartily commends our Hindu brothers and sisters of Kanyakumari District for having braved the police lathis and bullets and offers its homage to Sri Kumar, the heroic martyr, in the cause of upholding basic Hindu rights, and also the Hindu people all over the country and of Tamil Nadu in particular, who rose to peacefully protest against the unjust and discriminatory action of the Government.


Tragedy of Assam Elections

– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1983

The A.B.P.S. is greatly shocked at the grim tragedy that has recently overtaken Assam leaving thousands of persons dead and lakhs of people homeless and destitute. It is evident that these clashes were triggered off by the declaration of the most ill-advised elections to the Lok Sabha and Vidhana Sabha and that too on the basis of the same faulty electoral rolls which in 1979 had given rise to the present agitation. This was done in spite of counsel to the contrary, not only by the national opposition leaders and the Government’s own central and military intelligence agencies, but also by the Election Commission itself according to recent revelations. Deployment of tens of thousands of security personnel in the name of protecting those who wanted to participate in the imposed elections, gave an opportunity to the foreign infiltrators and other foreign-inspired forces to carry out their nefarious designs without fear of police intervention, as the police were specifically instructed to restrict themselves to election duties only. The highly inflammatory speeches, especially of the Central Railway Minister, Abdul Ghani Khan Chowdury, emboldened the infiltrators to start attacking the indigenous population thereby providing a matchstick to the already explosive situation prevailing there.
It was not difficult for any right thinking person to foresee that the passions generated during the period of agitation and the frustration caused by the delaying tactics and half-hearted efforts of the Central Government in finding an acceptable solution to the problem of Assam and its efforts to set one section against the other, had created all sorts of fissures and prejudices between different linguistic, religious and tribal groups and had made the atmosphere highly inflammable. Undefined or ill-defined concepts of identity, nation, sub-nation, foreign nationals etc., had prompted different groups to interpret them to suit their own self-interests, so much so that even Assamese and those Hindu refugees, who had been settled in 1950, were dubbed as foreigners and attacked in certain parts of Assam.

The A.B.P.S. wishes to reiterate its earlier perception that the main problem of Assam is that the Hindus there are being reduced to a minority by both infiltration and proselytisation, and once they become a minority there, secessionist forces are bound to get an upper hand which will pose a serious threat to the integrity of our country and also endanger the very same indigenous cultures and languages, the preservation of which has been the prime motivating factor in the present agitation. Hence, it is essential that Assam remains a predominantly Hindu majority area, as that alone will ensure the identity of each group and save those life-values, which form the common bond between Assam and the rest of the country.

The A.B.P.S. feels that the first task of utmost importance is to bring about normal conditions by rehabilitation of the people rendered homeless and creation of a climate of peace, amity and confidence among the different sections of the people of Assam. Although this is the prime responsibility of the Government, the A.B.P.S. urges the rest of our countrymen in general and the Swayamsevaks in particular to come forward to the succour of their brethren in distress and help them in their material and mental rehabilitation.

The A.B.P.S. is of the firm opinion that recourse to violence can never bring about solution to any problem. But any attempt on the part of the Government, to sidetrack or shelve the problem may allure some extremist sections to try that desperate course. It is therefore the duty of the Central Government to rise above narrow partisan attitude and solve the problem of Assam without any further delay, keeping the preservation of the unity and integrity of the country as the prime consideration. The A.B.P.S. also urges the enlightened sections of our countrymen to rouse the nation’s conscience on this issue so that due pressure is brought on the Government to adopt right measures for the urgent solution of the problem.


Violation of Hindu Sanctity in Kerala

– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1983 

The A.B.K.M. considers it most unfortunate that some fanatical sections of Christians have trespassed into and set up a church at Nilakkal – a sacred spot of pilgrimage for the entire Hindu people. Such a church within the eighteen holy hills complex of the famous Sabari mala Temple would obviously prove to be a constant source of hurting the Hindu religious sentiments. The illegal planting of a cross all of a sudden and its equally mysterious disappearance three days later, then applying political pressure on the Government and the Government’s partisan and ill-conceived decision to bow to their demand for a church, where not a single Christian lives anywhere nearby – these have only further aggravated the situation and severely disturbed the traditional social amity among the different sections of the people of Kerala.

The A.B.K.M. considers as highly reprehensible the acts of the Government such as providing police protection to the trespassers, assaulting the peaceful, revered Sanyasins who entered into the area for doing penance, and beating up and arresting the respectable members of the ladies’ delegation to the Chief Minister at Guruvayur. It is tragic, that the Kerala Government should have become instrumental in insulting and injuring the three points of Hindu religious honor viz., the Temple, the Sanyasins and the Motherhood.

The Government’s propaganda tirade against R.S.S., arrests of more than 3,500 Swayamsevaks and sympathizers and their manhandling and torture in police-lock-ups, police raids and illegal searches of Sangh Karyalayas, forcible closure of Shakhas at some places, foisting charges of rousing communal passion and hatred on respectable and peace-loving elders and Swayamsevaks – all these are clearly part of Government’s desperate attempts to make the R.S.S. a scapegoat in order to cover its own sins of commission and omission and to divide the Hindu ranks.

The A.B.K.M. demands that the Government of Kerala immediately retrace their unjust and oppressive measures against the Hindus and withdraw forthwith all the cases against the Swayamsevaks and others, including many women, and revoke the permission for the church, with a view to restoring peace and harmony in the State.
The A.B.K.M. also appeals to the Christians in general not to aggravate the situation by making it a prestige issue, and also congratulates the sober elements among them who have openly come out against the present demand for a church at Nilakkal and exposed the hollowness of the historical and legendary claim over Nilakkal.

The A.B.K.M. hereby wishes to caution the Christian brothers and the Kerala Government that if a just and amicable solution is not found without further delay, Hindus all over the country may feel seriously agitated – as they have already begun to feel – about the menace which will be posed to Hindu religious places wherever Christians grow in sizable numbers.

The A.B.K.M. appreciates and welcomes the efforts of certain well-meaning social leaders to defuse the explosive situation and see that justice is upheld.
The A.B.K.M. hereby heartily congratulates the Hindu populace of Kerala for putting up a united resistance cutting across all political and caste differences. The A.B.K.M. calls upon the Hindu people all over the country to stand solidly behind our Hindu brethren of Kerala. While assuring our Kerala brethren of its humble share in their noble efforts, the R.S.S. also appeals to them to continue to maintain the present spirit of unity so that the integrity and sanctity of the Hindu Dharma and Society will ever remain safe and secure.



 – This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1984

The Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha views with deep concern and anguish the dangerous turn the agitation in Punjab has been taken over the last two and half years. Violence, loot and arson are on the increase. Public life in ‘Punjab is seriously disturbed. The atmosphere is filled with fear and anxiety, as bonds of kinship between the Sikh and the rest of Hindu fraternity is sought to be disrupted. Violence begets violence. Whether Punjab burns or Haryana burns ultimately it is the country that suffers.
The hoisting of the so-called Khalistani flag by the anti-national elements over the Golden Temple, the deplorable burning of Indian Constitution by Akali Dal, the attempt of the terrorists to sabotage rail traffic, sheltering of anti-social elements in religious places for shedding innocent blood- all this naturally make all our patriotic and religious minded people gravely apprehensive.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that the Central Govt. has neither taken suitable steps nor displayed a strong will in solving the problem. With the result, the people have begun to feel skeptical about the very intentions of the Govt. and are getting more and more frustrated.

Punjab, situated on our western borders, has all along displayed an exemplary spirit of courage and sacrifice in facing the foreign aggressors. That such a situation should have now developed In that part naturally worries every patriotic son of this soil. The situation has become all the more aggravated in view of the inimical intentions of the neighbouring state and the available proof of terrorists forging contacts with them.
It is, however, heartening that in spite of this explosive situation the common man in Punjab is still cherishing his traditional feelings of mutual social unity and amity. The Sikh brethren who are in large numbers in the rural parts have not fallen a prey to the separatist propaganda. This healthy attitude needs to be further strengthened.
This Sabha congratulates the brethren of Punjab for maintaining their balance of mind in spite of the grave provocation. Thereby, they have proved that the voice of- ‘akalis is not that of all the Sikhs, and also that the existing quarrel is not one between the Sikhs and other Hindus, but is – one of rivalry among the- political parties for either retaining or capturing power.

The situation demands that the nation’s conscience be roused, and the common people in general and the Sikh brethren spread all over the country in particular be alerted against the divisive forces in Punjab. That the Akali slogan of ”Sikh identity in danger’1 is politically motivated, Js obvious enough. The Sikh Panth has never been in danger from the Hindus on the other hand, it has drawn only sustenance from them. Since thousands of years, faiths like Jainism and Buddhism have blossomed with all their special features in this broad Hindu fraternity. There is absolutely no reason why our Sikh brother should be worried or misguided by the imaginary fear of losing his identity.
Situation demands that effective pressure be mounted on the Central Govt. to compel it to carry out its primary duty of rooting out all such elements that threaten the nation’s solidarity and its hard won independence. The Govt. should also be made to undertake effective steps to meet the legitimate demands of the agitationists. The Sabha cautions the Govt. to appreciate the ruffled sentiments of the people and initiate right measures in time, lest the situation go out of control and the public discontent turn into public fury.
The Sabha appeals to the patriotic people of Punjab to give up their reticence and speak out their mind. Let both the Sikhs and the rest of Hindus come forward to defeat the terror tactics of the anti-national elements and jointly set up protective committees in every place towards that end. Let them, especially, guard themselves against the designs of politically motivated parties, of inciting internecine quarrel, and ensure that such forces do not subvert the nations’ freedom and integrity.

The Sabha urges the R.S.S. workers in Punjab to accept the challenge of the times and, in accordance with the direction given by the last year’s Pratinidhi Sabha, further strengthen in all possible manners the campaign for enlightening and stealing the people’s will against separatist pulls.

The Sabha firmly believes that the sole guarantee for the bright future of our nation lies in our traditional social harmony and that its present eclipse is but a passing phase. It is our bounden duty to guard this precious heritage at all costs, with a spirit of restraint and right understanding.



– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1985 

The increasing influx over the past few months of Sri Lankan refugees into our country is but an indication of the panicky situation being created there in the wake of the terror let loose over there by the army. Impartial observers-Indian as well as of several other countries – of the Sri Lankan scene, and also the Human Rights forum of UNO, have come out with a mass of evidence – all of them pointing to a systematic plan of liquidation-cum-evacuation of the Tamil speaking population in general and particularly of the Hindus. The harrowing tales being brought by the refugees and those narrated by the news agencies are naturally giving rise to grave unrest and anxiety in the minds of our countrymen in general and Tamilnadu in particular. The thousands of refugees swarming in and around Rameshwaram and the provocative, aggressive actions of Sri Lankan navy against our fishermen have created an acute sense of insecurity resulting in a steep fall in the number of pilgrims to that most sacred pilgrimage center of our land and severely dislocated the entire economy of the Rameshwaram island.
The ABPS is of the considered opinion that the present Sri Lankan policy of Tamil extermination as also the other extreme demand of separate Tamil Elam and their violent activities have both proved counter productive and a solution based on firm constitutional guarantees to the Tamils of an equal and honourable partnership in the Sri Lankan national set up is urgently called for.

Further, the Sri Lankan problem has no more remained an internal problem of that country but has endangered the security, economy and peace of the entire southern coast of our country. The developing situation has left our country with no other choice except to take some urgent and effective steps to make Sri Lankan authorities see the folly of pursuing a policy, which is not only alienating a sizable section of their national society but also antagonising a consistently friendly neighbour like Bharat. Steps such as bringing pressure through the non-aligned forum-of which Bharat is the Chairman- and securing every possible international influence should be vigorously pursued. And, if necessary, our Government should also prepare itself to speak in a language which the Sri Lankan authorities understand.



– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1985

For the last few years Punjab has been caught in a turmoil of separatism, terror and violence resulting in all-round uncertainty and insecurity. Although the incidence of violence has, to an extent, come down following the army action in the Golden Temple large, scale detention of the extremists, there is however no qualitative change in the situation. Forces of separatism continue to be active and confrontation might well raise its ugly head once again. The manner in which the ruling party projected the Punjab issue during the recent Lok Sabha elections has only further vitiated the atmosphere. The ABPS opines that in order to restore normalcy appropriate measures at the political, social and religious levels be undertaken and efforts made to build up a climate of harmony and conciliation.

The troubled situation has been further aggravated by the brutal assassination of Smt. Indira Gandhi and the shameful and tragic incidents of widespread murder, violence, loot and arson in Delhi and many other parts of the country taking place in its wake. However, the timely and courageous role in organising the safety and security of the riot-stricken played by well meaning and alert public and the Sangh workers -even at dire risk to their lives, has saved the situation from taking an unpredictably grave turn.
The Pratinidhi Sabha is painfully aware that the unfortunate incidents in Punjab in the past few years and more recently in Delhi and other parts involving loss of life and property on a large scale have severely shaken the spirit of mutual goodwill and confidence among the people and also their faith in the sanctity of law and order.
It is therefore essential that a judicial enquiry be instituted into the entire chain of events and deterrent punishment meted out to the guilty.

The Government, by unconditionally releasing the Akali Leaders, have taken a wise step towards restoring normalcy. The Akali leadership too, in the fitness of things, should now come forward with a matching, constructive gesture without standing on false prestige and without the hang over of past prejudices and policy of confrontation. The Akalis would indeed be best advised to present their demands, in a new perspective and keeping in view the unity and integrity of the country. The ABPS is of the considered opinion that the Government too should not, at this stage, place any sort of precondition and, without any further loss of time, should take the initiative in inviting all the concerned parties for talks in a conciliatory spirit to thrash out a consensus solution.

The ABPS hereby congratulates the people in and around Punjab for maintaining, in spite of the provocative, explosive situation prevailing all round, their calm and preserving intact their traditional ties of blood, and refusing, to play into the hands of separatists. The Sabha urges them to continue to maintain their balance and be firm in the conviction that the storm of separatism will soon blow over and Punjab in particular and o the country in general will again breathe the clean and tranquil air of amity and goodwill as before.

The Pratinidhi Sabha calls upon the Sangh Swayamsevaks to enlarge and deepen their mass contacts with a view to strengthening the traditional bonds of Sikh non-Sikh Hindu brotherhood and vigorously take forward our sacred mission of building everlasting cohesion between different sections of society which alone can, in the final analysis, lead to enduring peace and harmony in Punjab.



– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1985

The situation developing in and around Kanyakumari is, in the opinion of the A.B.K.M. such as to give rise to grave misgivings about its very future as one of the holiest all-Bharat Centers of pilgrimage. Squeezing out of Hindus, often by threats and. attacks, from Kanyakumari and conversions have not only reduced the Hindu population to a minority, but the bulk of business too has passed into the non-Hindu hands. Insults and humiliations of the pilgrims and customers at the hands of Christians go on unchecked.
AS days are passing, acts of anti-Hindu vandalism are taking ever new dimensions such as disturbing and desecrating the temple functions and preventing religious sermons, collection of Christian mobs at the signal of the Church bells to carry out their anti-Hindu designs, etc. Right on the heels of such incidents over the past few months, the Hindu priest of a neighboring temple and his two associates who insisted on carrying out their temple function mysteriously disappeared with no trace whatever left. It is widely feared that they have been liquidated and their bodies disposed of in the sea.

Illegal grabbing of land round about the jetty platform belonging to the Vivekananda Rock Memorial Committee is also going on unchecked. The agreement arrived at the instance of the Tamil-nadu Chief Minister requiring the Christian fishermen to vacate part of their grabbed area has not only been thrown to winds but that area has been even converted into a fish market. The Hindu boatmen of the VRMC ferry service are also often harassed and attacked causing serious inconvenience to the Pilgrim visitors. Now the beach area belonging to the temple adjoining the bathing ghat at the holy confluence of the three seas is also crowded with Christian catamarans, blocking the way for the pilgrims from far and near from taking their traditional bath.

The A.B.K.M. feels that the callous indifference of the police towards all such illegal and violent actions of the Christian zealots has been largely responsible for their growing aggressiveness. The Karyakari Mandal urges the Tamilnadu Government to wake up to the gravity of situation, rise beyond their narrow political considerations and take prompt and firm measures to book the culprits without fear or favor, guarantee security and justice to the victims and establish the rule of law, which after all is the fore -most, elementary obligation on the part of any government worth the name. The Government will be solely responsible if, in face of its own inaction, the Hindus in Kanyakumari and round about area are forced to take remedial steps leading to unforeseeable developments.

In view of the all-Bharat importance of the wider countrywide repercussions which it may give rise to if the situation is allowed to go on unchecked, the Karyakari Mandal also urges the Central Government to prevail upon the Tamil Nadu Government to do the needful without any further delay. The Karyakari Mandal heartily compliments the Hindus of Kanyakumari for putting up a bold fight in face of such heavy odds in defense of their Dharma and assures them of its firm support in future also as heretofore.



– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1985 

The bloody turmoil under which Gujarat has been reeling for over 15 weeks now should make every thinking patriotic countryman of ours sit up and ponder over its dangerous trends and portends. That the entire trouble was triggered off by the new and patently politically motivated reservation policy announced by the Gujarat Government just on the eve of the last Assembly Elections, is well known. However, the initial anti- reservation stir has now no longer remained so. The ruling politicians of Gujarat have gone all out in setting up one caste against another, the Muslims against the Hindus and the police against the people and the press. Criminals, goonda elements and the communal Muslims have been armed and let loose with a view to browbeat all opposition. Fanatic Muslim leaders abetted by self-seeking caste -leaders have sought to provoke Harijans against the rest of Hindus.

However, it is to the credit of our patriotic people of Gujarat and especially the-Harijan section, who have refused to walk into the trap and maintained their mutual goodwill and amity. The inspiring manner in which the people have responded to the good-will campaign launched at scores of places by the Sangh and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad with the Sadhus and Mahatmas taking the lead for maintaining social harmony has shown how the right kind of appeal by the right kind of people will be able to give a right lead to the people in such crises. The Sangh workers have also spared no pains in promptly bringing succour and relief to the thousands of riot-stricken brothers and sisters.

The manner in which the Gujarat Government wilfully withheld the Rane Commission Report and announced its own reservation policy, only makes it all the more urgent to devise effective measures to cry a halt to the suicidal race of power-hungry politicians in creating mutually antagonistic vote -banks and thereby dividing the society. The A.B.K.M. therefore reiterates its previous demand that the central Government should, without further delay, come forward to constitute a representative committee of eminent and impartial persons to examine and evaluate in all its aspects and give out a national consensus on the reservation policy, so that even while the socially neglected and needy sections of society will receive the necessary support, the overall efficiency of the administration and social harmony and unity will not receive any set back.
The Karyakari Mandal also appeals to all our countrymen in general and our Gujarat brethren in particular., to come forward to strengthen all such forces as are devoted to maintain intact the national unity and social harmony and defeat all anti- social machinations and provocations.


– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1986

The entire country is deeply shocked and concerned over the planned and unprecedented destruction and desecration of temples, molestation of women, loot and arson in Kashmir.

The orgy of violence let loose by Muslim mobs in collusion with the police, it is clear, is nothing less than a Jihad to squeeze out the remaining Hindus- already reduced to one-fourth their numbers in 1947- from Kashmir Valley and make it cent per cent Muslim with a view to separating it from Bharat.

The growing threat in Kashmir to our national integrity once again points to the urgent need for doing away with Article 370 which is not only the main springboard for all forces of secession active there, but also has encouraged extremists in Punjab and Mizoram for coming up with similar separatist demands of special status.

Now that the Governor’s rule has been imposed in Jammu and Kashmir the responsibility lies squarely on the Center to deal with all such subversive elements with an iron hand so that they shall not dare to pose such a threat and affront to our national security and integrity in future. Conditions also should be so created that exodus of Hindus from Kashmir valley is stopped forthwith and those who have left return in safety and honour. Towards this end, building the destroyed temples, offering of full compensation to those who have suffered, imposition of deterrent, punitive fine on the miscreants and weeding out of Pro-Pakistani elements in the police and administration must be undertaken by the Government expeditiously. The mosque illegally put up right inside the Jammu Secretariat signaling foul secessionist intentions has to be removed forthwith.

The Pratinidhi Sabha demands the institution of a high level judicial probe to bring out the full extent of the mischief and expose the culprits behind it.

The Sabha warns the Muslims of Kashmir that the serious consequences of such anti-national acts, including grave consequences for their economy, would have to be borne by them.

The Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha appeals to the Hindus in Kashmir to stand firm in their places. Which is essential not only in their own interest but also for reasons of national security and integrity and assures them, of the I support of patriotic people all over the country.

On Ram Janmabhoomi

– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1987

The Rama Janmabhoomi Complex locked by the Government, has been, because of Court’s orders, opened and with the restrictions removed the Pooja ceremonies have started there in full swing. The Hindus all over the world and more so in Bharat-in its every nook and corner – felt overwhelmed with joy. Yet the task of renovation of the temple in keeping with the greatness of Sri Rama remains incomplete. Independence demands that all public vestiges of foreign domination disfiguring our national scene needs to be washed clean. Just as the renovation of Somanath Temple was carried out and statues of English rulers and their victory – monuments were removed the ancient but dilapidated Ram Janmabhoomi temple too needs to be restored to its old glory. Then alone will the agonised cry of the nation’s conscience get assuaged.
However, the ABPS deeply regrets to note that some persons have chosen to bypass the outstanding national and dharmic significance of Rama Janmabhoomi and are seeking to turn it into an issue of religious controversy and political maneuvering. The attitude of certain Muslim leaders, in this regard, is as much an indication of their fundamentalist and communalist mentality as that of the fact that they have refused to identify themselves with our national mainstream and points of national veneration even after four -decades of independence. Otherwise, they would not have identified themselves with a foreign aggressor like Babur and tried to place every kind of obstacle in the renovation of the Rama Janmabhoomi temple and also issued a call for boycott of Republic Day. It is a matter of satisfaction that our people raised such a powerful and united voice of condemnation against that anti-national call that it had to be withdrawn. The Pratinidhi Sabha calls upon the general mass of Muslims to keep themselves away from such anti-national plans of their so-called leaders. The Sabha also wishes to warn such leaders to stop misleading Muslim masses and beware that the country is in no mood to tolerate such anti national elements anymore.

While some persons with ulterior political motives, have suggested limiting the Rama Janmabhoomi to merely its Chobutara (platform), some others have come up with a proposal to convert it into an ancient archeological piece. All of them start with the premise that the so-called Babari Masjid be considered as the original structure of the present Complex. They are trying to confuse the public mind through cooked up stories prepared by so-called historians making it appear that Ramayana itself, let alone the authenticity of Rama Janmabhoomi, is a pure myth. These so-called historians would do well to remember that Sri Rama and the holy Rama Janmabhoomi have been indelibly etched as symbols of utmost faith and devotion in the hearts of millions and millions of Hindus since ages which need no certifying by anyone. The Pratinidhi Sabha wants them to realise that the Hindu People are now quite awake and none of their efforts is going to succeed. Never again will the Rama Janmabhoomi be locked, nor will any interference with the holy spot tolerated. The glorious holy shrine of Sri Rama will stand there as a shining symbol of national faith for ever.

The ABPS appeals to the Government to allot sufficient open ground and extend all necessary facilities to the Sri Rama Janmabhoomi Trust and desist from giving any encouragement to the tactics of obstructionists and religious fanatics. This is the high road to generate popular enthusiasm for national integration and national regeneration.

The A-B.P.S. considers as its sacred duty to co-operate with all those efforts which will be put forth to fulfill these noble objectives. The Sabha calls upon the entire Hindu Society in general and the Sangh Swayamsevaks in particular to whole-heartedly take part in the task of putting up an imposing shrine at the Rama Janmabhoomi thereby making Mother Bharati stand resplendent with glory and honour.



– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1987

The A.B.P.S. feels it imperative to point to the growing dangers of the policy of pampering the so-called minorities by the ruling party at the Center and certain States resulting in their aggressively separatist, fundamentalist and anti-national postures.
The succumbing by the Center to the pressure-tactics of Muslim Leaguers and other Islamic zealots and annulling of the effect of the Supreme Court Judgment and defaming the judges in the Shah Bano Case, has further convinced them that their bullying tactics pay. And again the Government seems to have surrendered to threats by such elements and started soft pedaling on its move to enact even a docile optional common civil code. The resultant Muslim aggressiveness on the Ramjanma Bhoomi issue has gone to the extent of identifying themselves with Babar, a foreign aggressor, as against Sri Ram- the noblest symbol of our national heritage, and issuing a call for the boycott of the Republic Day. Even a silly pretext such as the publication of a story in a paper has become, as in Bangalore, sufficient for such leadership to inflame their masses to indulge in riots and destruction of Hindu property.

The seed of communal separatism planted in Kashmir in the form of temporary provisions engrafted in Art. 370 of our Constitution continues to encourage pro-Pakistani forces there to indulge in ever-more anti-Hindu and anti-national subversive conspiracies and needs to be scrapped forthwith. The installing of Lal Denga-one who waged a secessionist War in pursuance of Christian missionary designs against our country for decades-as the Chief Minister of Mizoram even setting aside the democratically elected Government, has only emboldened similar anti-national terrorist activities elsewhere also. The protagonists of so-called Khalistan have, since then, started demanding according of a similar status to them also in Punjab. And so also has a movement for Gorkhaland come-up in Darjeeling in a virulent form.

The argument advanced by our Prime Minister that his Party’s alliance with the Muslim League in Kerala is aimed at drawing them into the national mainstream and his distinction between the fundamentalists and those on the fringe of communalism is so very facile that it can hardly deceive anyone. The impact of such efforts in respect of Muslim and Christian communal parties going on for the last several years on its part in injecting further doses of communal poison into Kerala politics is only too well known.
The growing menace of infiltration affords one more glaring, example of the disastrous effect of minority appeasement indulged in by political parties. The inundation of Assam with over 40 Lakhs of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators is now being followed by over 50 lakhs into West Bengal and 10 lakhs into Bihar. On the Western border, continuing influx of Pakistanis into Kutch and Rajasthan has also swelled into lakhs. Together with those Pak and Bangladeshi, infiltrators who have spread all over the country right from Delhi to Hyderabad, their total number has now gone up to more than one crore landing the entire country in grave threats to its integrity and security.

The one chief factor, which is aiding and abetting this dangerous development has been the close collaboration of workers of the ruling and certain other political parties in these states with the infiltrators with an eye on their block votes. The Center too, plagued as it is with the same myopic view, is behaving as if the problem did not exist at all. The Center has, up to this day, not undertaken a single step to fulfill its part in the Assam accord in throwing out the infiltrators or even to see that further infiltration is put an end to.

It is high time the Central leaders heed the warnings of past history. The tragedy of the gory partition of the country and the growing threats to our national integrity and sovereignty by elements posing themselves as minorities should make the Center sit up and cry a halt to their dangerous policy of feeding the fires of “minority complex”. The A.B.P.S. calls upon the Center to do away, without any further delay, all such obnoxious and divisive provisions, including Art. 30, which confer special rights to the so-called minorities-but denied to the majority Hindus-in matters of religion and education.
For, such special rights only help foster vested interest and separatist tendencies among such groups, leading them away from the national mainstream. The Pratinidhi Sabha is of the firm opinion that the very expressions like minority and majority create a dicotomy in our national life and need to be banished, and the fact of our being ‘One country, one People, one Nation’ upheld in thought, word and action by all the concerned.

The Sabha also urges all our patriotic people to effectively make the ruling party at the Center in particular and all those parties indulging in appeasement of so-called-minorities in general realise that their policy would prove disastrous to our national integrity.

Foreign Christian missionaries

– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1987 

The A.B.P.S. expresses its serious concern over the orgy of violence, destruction and chaotic conditions let loose in a well-planned manner by the foreign missionaries and their local henchmen in the tribal belt of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa in the wake of Pope’s visit. All this only prove how Prophetic have been the warnings-voiced by the Neogy Committee, constituted by the M.P. Government two decades back, about the anti-national motives behind the missionary activities.

Posing of serious threats to law and order under the guise of stopping the “Bagharkhol Abhayaranya Project” in the Jashpur area in M.P., inciting the tribals of Chhota Nagpur to take to terrorise tactics ho carve out separate Kolhan and Jharkhand States and liquidate all those who oppose them, oppose and strive to nullify the developmental activities of the Government, goad the tribals for destruction of forests tearing the State Flag, issuing a call for the boycott of the Republic Day, all these have clearly exposed their real secessionist intentions.

The starting of many educational, medical and other tribal service centers in a big way by organisations like Vanavasi Kalyana Ashram, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Shri Hari Vanavasi Vikas Samiti in Chhota Nagpur region, seems to have made them feel that their monopoly in the area is being threatened. The way they are now indulging in spreading every kind of baseless and heinous canard with a view to inciting internecine rift and strife among the Vanavasis and between Vanavasis and other Hindus, has exposed their real face behind their mask of service and peace. In Orissa, they have taken recourse to every possible tactics to obstruct the movement of Jagannath Rath in the tribal areas, which was however defeated because of the vigilance displayed by the Hindu People.

It is unfortunate that the Central Govt. continues to turn a blind eye to the seriousness of the problem.

On the contrary, the M.P. Govt., which had expelled six foreign missionaries as being undesirable, was forced to permit them to come back. The Belgian missionary Kerkov, expelled for his anti–national activities, has been given a clean chit by our Prime Minister. Such incidents make it clear that supporters of missionaries are well entrenched in such high places that even the Prime Minister could be misled.
The A.B.P.S. hereby desires to caution that unless the activities of foreign-inspired agencies are put an end to, it appears certain that one more terrorist front would soon be opened in the Chhota Nagpur area. The Pratinidhi Sabha strongly urges the Central Govt. to expel all the foreign missionaries and clamp a total ban on the receipt of foreign funds by missionary institutions here. The Sabha also appeals to all our elected representatives in the Parliament and State Assemblies to raise the issue through proper forums to urge the Government to initiate suitable measures in this regard.
The A.B.P.S. calls upon the enlightened section of these affected-regions to form Citizens’ Committees and launch a movement for educating and alerting the common mass of our people and see that the Government takes notice of the potential dangers and initiates appropriate steps.

The Sabha expects the Sangh-Swayamsevaks, to help speed up the various service activities going on in tribal areas so that the educational and medical needs of our brethren there could get fulfilled and they could march shoulder to shoulder with the rest of our countrymen in a spirit of dignity and equality.



– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1987

The A.B.P.S. hereby registers its grave concern over the fast deteriorating situation in Punjab. In spite of the series of assurances of stern measures by both the Central and the Punjab Governments, the impunity and cruelty with which the terrorist secessionists are daily taking a toll of innocent lives, and the ease with which they make good their escape, only indicates how thoroughly the entire administrative machinery has been paralyzed. With the gunning down of some magistrates and threats being received by others, the courts too have come under their shadow.

The presence of terrorist supporters among the police and the administration has cast their dark cloud over the efficacy of the police which has become a target of public criticism. Taking advantage of this situation, all sorts of criminals and anti-social elements have been indulging in murder, loot, dacoity, forcible collection of money etc, which is severely telling upon the public-morale. Things have come to such a pass that even the ministers do not dare to move about openly without adequate security.
Under such conditions, efforts to build up goodwill going on at the social level provide a ray of hope for the people by helping them to keep up their morale. In this connection the “Bharat Jodo” (unite Bharat) Yatra of last year by Baba Amte, the march of the “Balidani Jattha” of the Rashtriya Suraksha Samiti and the ‘Sadhbhavana Yatra’ of the Saints and Acharyas by the V.H.P. in recent days and the yet -to – reach Punjab Peace -March by Shri Sunil Dutt,M.P. and a noted film personality need special mention. The A.B.P.S. hereby heartily compliments the organisers of the above marches. The enthusiastic manner in which the general publics have responded to these marches is a sure indication of their desire for peace and stability.

However, unless law and order is restored, achieving of enduring results through such efforts would be difficult.

It is clear that the State apparatus is created by the society for the express purpose of safeguarding it against every kind of external and internal threat so that its security and progress might go on unhindered. Patently, a government which fails in discharging this primary duty forfeits its moral right to govern. It would be hard to maintain that the Central or the Punjab Government can be given this credit. Especially when Pakistan, born and bred in hatred of Bharat and nurtured by interested Western Powers, has become many times more mischievous on our borders and has been supporting the terrorists, to continue to remain a mute witness to this daily worsening situation because of political self-interest would indeed amount to an unpardonable crime. It is most unfortunate that both our Central and Punjab Governments are clearly open to this charge. The Pratinidhi Sabha appeals to them to rise above their narrow partisan considerations and immediately undertake all such measures urgently needed to ensure the security of the borders and establish peace and order in Punjab.

The Pratinidhi Sabha considers highly praiseworthy the role of such police personnel who have been standing up to their post of duty with courage and efficiency amidst all heavy odds and risks to their own lives and of their family members, and earnestly hopes that their devoted efforts would ultimately be crowned with success in liquidating terrorism.
The Sabha also appeals to the Government to enquire into the cases of those arrested in the precincts of Swarna Mandir in the wake of Blue Star Operation and presently detained in the Jodhpur Jail, and release without delay all those against whom there are no specific charges.

The A.B.P.S. also appeals to the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee to see that all such Gurudwaras as have become nuclei of terrorist activities are totally cleared of them. As a matter of fact, any place of worship has to be, by its very definition, a radiating center of propagation of peaceful conduct and right values of life.
It also devolves on their managing bodies to ensure that such places are not converted into dens of political groups and anti-social elements. Such fearless and sincere steps on their part would obviate the need for the police to enter such places for flushing out the undesirable elements.

The Pratinidhi Sabha strongly feels that allowing of Akal Takht to be used for partisan ends in place of its role as the seat of moral and spiritual guidance for the entire Sikh Community, may well lead to their division and ultimately affect the sanctity of the Takht itself.

The A.B.P.S. heartily congratulates the people of Punjab for keeping up their traditional spirit of mutual goodwill and amity in the face of all kinds of provocation. The Sabha calls upon the Sangh Swayamsevaks to play an ever-more dynamic role in further intensifying this spirit of mutual goodwill which so clearly manifested itself at temples and gurudvaras during the Sadbhavana Yatra. The Pratinidhi Sabha also urges the enlightened sections amongst the Sikhs to realise the urgent need to come forward to voice the suppressed feelings of peace-loving silent majority in loud and clear terms. It is through such efforts, the Sabha feels, that the welfare of the country as a whole and of Punjab and Sikhs in particular can be secured. The Sabha commends the efforts of many Sikh gentlemen and organisations who have taken -such an initiative and assures them of the unstinted co-operation of R.S.S, in their efforts.

Dr. Hedgewar birth centenary

– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1988

The coming Varsha-Pratipada( Hindu New Year) marks the happy beginning of the birth centenary of the founder of R.S.S. revered Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar.

The occasion reminds us of the effulgent light that he has shed on the path of true national renaissance.

Born patriot that he was even as a boy of tender age sparks of opposition to foreign rule flew from him. As a youth, he was a fiery revolutionary, and in later day, an equally dynamic leader in national movements and faced incarceration. No patriotic effort or person was taboo to that ‘ajata shatru’. He respected and was respected by all those who loved our nation – even by those who differed from him in approach. By his example he moulded the right organisational attitude so essential for the task of national consolidation.

Though he was neck deep in freedom movements, he rose above them to discover the real path for eternal national glory. He laid his fingers on our own weakness like disunity, indiscipline, absence of national consciousness as the root cause of our slavery and downfall. He thereby showed the royal path of self-correction and self-renewal for the re-establishment of our national eminence in the comity of nations.
It was not merely passing of the reins of power from the Videshi to the Swadeshi hands that he had for our national freedom. It was much deeper, it was the change into our pristine national mind that he again and again emphasised. Towards this end he rekindled the conviction in the historical truth about our nationhood; the truth that the national life which has been flowering forth in this motherland of ours since time immemorial in all its traditions, its culture and life-ideals is verily Hindu; that, in short, this is Hindu Nation. And thereby he laid the sure ideological basis for all future national reconstruction. The light of this basic, ideological approach to all-round national self-assertion and glory is now being felt in every single walk of our national life.
And lastly, it was his matchless organisational genius that fashioned the practical technique of daily ‘Shakha’ for ‘man moulding’. Through that he lighted up thousands of hearts to convert his vision of Hindu consolidation into a living reality. Now the thousands have multiplied into millions. And it is bound to multiply more till it shall encompass all the crores of our countrymen.

To all our Swayamsevak brethren the forthcoming occasion of the birth centenary of our revered Doctorji comes as an opportunity of a lifetime. This Sabha calls upon each one of them to carry the torch he lit to every heart and home in every nook and corner of the country. Especially, the most neglected and the humblest in society should be made to feel the warmth and light of this noblest national mission of ensuring social justice and dignity to all sections of society.

Towards this end let all our Shakhas organise varied types of programmes so as to involve all sections of our people – in a spirit of ‘love for all and malice towards none’.
The A.B.P.S. appeals to all our people to understand the unique significance of the event and whole heartedly co-operate in all the programmes scheduled to take place from the Vijaya Dashmi of this year – the 64th foundation day of R.S.S. to the Varsha Pratipada of 1989, the birthday of its incomparable architect Dr. Hedgewar.


Attacks on the RSS in Kerala

– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1988

The A.B.P.S. is deeply perturbed over the reports of the violent activities of the Marxist party in Kerala, particularly directed against the workers of the R.S.S. and allied organisations.

When the Marxist-led united front assumed power in March 1987 it was generally presumed that, learning from their previous bitter experiences, the party would behave with maturity and adhere to the canons of democratic practices. But we are constrained to say that the-people of Kerala have been badly disillusioned.

A systematic and sustained reign of terror has been let loose by the Marxists not only on all their political opponents but even on their own co-sharers of power. In Tripura and Bengal also they have been accused of similar dangerous tactics. The real target in Kerala, however has been the R.S.S .workers whom they consider to be the bulwark of resistance to their policy of physical-liquidation. So far this policy has claimed nine dead, nearly two hundred wounded and twenty five houses either set on fire or damaged.

In spite of their high-pitched pro-Hindu platitudes during the election campaign, they have not slackened their anti-Hindu activities. Three temples were wantonly destroyed in one single day-light onslaught in south Kerala near Pandalam, besides many more under cover of darkness. There are instances of armed attacks on devotees within temple-precincts under one pretext or other. The Marxists have also been infiltrating the temple committees with a view to subverting them from within.

In contrast, their unabashed hobnobbing with, the Church and conceding their communal demands is going on. Extending munificent help to Wakf Board continues unabated,, at the same time turning a blind eye to the sad plight of Hindu temples, Harijans converted to Christianity have been given liberal assistance legally permissible only to Hindu backward sections.


Liberation movement of the temples

– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1988 

The liberation movement of the temples launched by the Guruvayur Temple Protection Committee of Kerala bring to the fore the problem of temples not only in Kerala but in entire Bharat.

The way the State Governments are controlling the Hindu Temples is unfair, unjust and discriminatory. It is clear that the Governments are taking over the temples with an eye on their enormous funds which has almost rendered them -once the seats -of learning and, charity – bankrupt to the extent of hapless ruin.

It is unfair and unjust to Hindus because it does not concede to them the preliminary fundamental right of administering their religious institutions and places of worship. It is discriminatory because only Hindus are singled out for this disability whereas Christian and Muslim places of worship are untouched by the Governmental control.
The irony is that all the Commissions set up by Government of Kerala, for example, have suggested steps to end the Government’s sway over temples. In spite of this, the same old sad tale continues. The same political parties which declare from house-tops that religion and politics should be separate from each other continue to keep their stranglehold over the Hindu temples.

It is against this gross injustice and denial of freedom of religion fundamentally granted and guaranteed by our Constitutions that the Hindus have risen to agitate. It is thus that in Kerala revered Sanyasins backed by 25 lakhs of signatures submitted a memorandum to the Governor of Kerala to liberate the temples. It is thus that only recently the sanyasins led the 1,000 km. long padayatra in Tamilnadu from Kanyakumari to Madras. Same is the rationale behind the temple agitations in Andhra and Karnataka.

The Akhil Bharateeya Karyakari Mandal appreciates and offers its whole hearted support to the valiant struggle being put up by Hindus in different parts of the country to end the evil of the politicization of our sacred institutions.

The A.B.K.M. calls upon the various State Governments to respond to the legitimate demand of the Hindu society and hand over the temples to the right representatives of Hindu devotees.
The A.B.K.M. is also of the firm opinion that the bodies to be so entrusted should be autonomous and free from not only the Governmental control but from every kind of private vested interest also so that they will be able to fully serve the religious needs of the Hindu people.


 – This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1988 

The A.B.K.M. wishes to draw the attention of our countrymen towards those forces which encouraged by foreign powers, are engaged in a conspiracy to disrupt the Hindu society. During the past few centuries, the British had carried on propaganda of such divisive theories like the Arya and the Dravid, the Caste Hindus and the outcastes, the Brahmin and the non-Brahmin, the North and the South, and the aboriginals and the rest and had sought to sow seeds of dissension between them. Even now, planned efforts are afoot to cut off the Vanavasi brethren and the so-called untouchables from the Hindu society on that basis. Attempts, going on for the past few years to forge a united front of ‘Dalit-Muslim’ and aboriginals and Christians, are also inspired with the same ulterior motive.

During the last 3-4 years, these foreign-inspired forces of disruption have turned more aggressive and are provoking the Vanavasis and the backward class brethren for violent conflicts. Every attempt is made to create in them contempt towards the cherished Hindu values and the rest of the Hindu society. Enormous funds are flowing from foreign sources for nurturing these subversive activities.

Under these circumstances, speeches or statements implying ideas of high or low would only cause further rift among the various sections of Hindu society and prove all the more harmful. It is unfortunate that religious leaders who, while professing to protect the Hindu interests, should issue statements which provide fodder to the propaganda mills of disruptionists. It is very sad and deserves to be condemned.

Fortunately, many religious heads of the Hindu Society have not only declared, from the platform of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, untouchability as an anti-religious practice but are actively engaged in the eradication of this blot from the Hindu Society and in securing temple-entry for one and all without any kind of discrimination. The A.B.K.M. not only lauds all such efforts and lends its fullest co-operation to them but calls upon the entire Hindu Society to give its heartiest support to these endeavours and strengthen the forces of Hindu Unity so that the nefarious designs of the disruptionist forces could be effectively defeated.

The R.S.S. dedicated as it is to the organizing of the Hindu people, has refused to recognize, since its very inception, all such divisive feelings like untouchability and discrimination of high and low. The A.B.K.M. calls upon the Swayamsevaks to work with greater earnestness towards the eradication of this pernicious social evil and undertake many more such projects as would speedily facilitate the emergence of a society in which, none would be backward and none untouchable.


Dr. Hedgewar Centenary Celebrations

– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1989 

The ABPS notes with satisfaction that the Dr. Hedgewar Birth Centenary Celebrations Campaign, now nearing completion, has received most heartening response from our people – many times exceeding the expectations. The Sabha hereby expresses its deep-felt gratefulness to all the office-bearers and members of the Celebration Committees all over the country and also the people in general for their unstinted co-operation in making the campaign a grand success.

That the chief objectives of the campaign have been amply fulfilled as indicated be several aspects of its outcome:

  1. i)          Highly respectable and influential representatives of literally a11 sections and strata of society including revered mathadhipatis have wholeheartedly associated themselves with the Hindu cause and their remarkably meaningful tributes to the unique life and achievements of Dr. Hedgewar is an unmistakable indication of the fast growing nationwide awareness of the relevance of the Hindu thought.
  2. ii)      Response from the vanavasis and the neglected sections of rural and urban areas was indeed most impressive and is indicative of the power of the innate Hindu appeal in their hearts .

iii)        The generous contributions offered to the Seva Nidhi by even the poorest and the most neglected sections and by even the non-Hindus and those who differ from Sangh on ideological grounds speaks volumes for the remarkable credibility the Swayamsevaks command in the public eye.

  1. iv)        The earnestness and co-operation shown by the people with regard to the service of the neglected sections of the society is evidence of the fund of inner goodness in the common man capable of rising above all other considerations in recognising and responding to the call of social good, And finally,
  2. v)         There have been very high expectations from Sangh in every field of life and confidence that healthy transformation is possible only through Sangh.
    In the light of such beneficial results of the campaign, the ABPS urges all our people who have directly or indirectly co-operated with the Swayamsevaks in the campaign to put their shoulders to the wheel and see that a mighty people’s movement is generated dedicated to lifting our nation out of its present depressed and frustrated state. In particular, the Sabha calls upon the Swayamsevaks to put forth their best in converting the all-round popular sympathy and support into enduring organisational strength and an ever-growing movement for social transformation.


Neglect of Sanskrit by the Central Government

  – This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1989

The ABPS views with serious concern and is strongly opposed to the exclusion of the study of Sanskrit from the Secondary-School Curriculum as embodied in the New Educational Policy of the Central Government. This policy rules out the study of Sanskrit even as an optional subject. The inevitable result of this policy will be that there will be few students to study Sanskrit at the University level even if facilities for the same exist . This will naturally affect the study of and research in Sanskrit at the higher level resulting in putting a halt to its growth.

Sanskrit language is our most cherished cultural heritage, its literature is a veritable treasure house of knowledge – both spiritual end secular and forms the fountainhead of our national unity. Sanskrit is not only the mother of all Bharatiya languages but also of many others in the world. The modern linguists have found it to be the most scientific language and accepted it as the best suited one for Computer Science. As such it is really most unfortunate that the Govt. of independent Bharat should have dealt such a severe blow to Sanskrit which it had not suffered ever during the foreign British rule.
In the considered opinion of ABPS, depriving the young generation of the opportunity to study Sanskrit will only amount to denying them the timeless wisdom of our ancient lore and tradition. This is bound to jeopardise our national ethos. The people’s resentment towards the Government policy has been amply manifested through a number of Sanskrit Conferences and agitation all over the country. The ABPS heartily endorses and supports these efforts by the lovers of Sanskrit.

The Pratinidhi Sabha calls upon the Government to effect forthwith changes in its educational policy and make Sanskrit a compulsory subject throughout the country at the Secondary level. The Sabha urges our enlightened countrymen to strive for the creation of effective public opinion to compel the Government to.


Hindus in Bangladesh

    – This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1989

The ABPS views with grave concern the massive uprooting of Hindus end other religious groups from Bangla Desh resulting in their large scale influx in lakhs into the adjacent states of Bharat like West Bengal, Assam, Tripura and Meghalaya. Although the lot of non-Islamic groups in that region has ever been worsening all the time, the shocking phenomenon of indiscriminate . arrests, molestation of Hindu women, desecration of Hindu temples and forcible conversion of Hindus and other religious groups have become acute following declaration of Bangladesh as an Islamic .state in early 1988.

The Hindus in that area have been, since 1947, subject to periodical, pogroms culminating in the unprecedented holocaust of 1971 involving massacre of lakhs of Hindus. After a brief respite during 1972-1975 in the wake of the liberation of Bangladesh with the help of the Indian Army, its Islamic character asserted itself again in the deliberate policy of expropriation of property of non-Islamic groups and their harassment in several other ways with increasing vehemence.

In spite of the worldwide attention that the tragic plight of Buddhist Chakmas of Chittagong district in Bangladesh has attracted, the lack of any positive response by the Govt. of Bharat , in particular, has emboldened the military junta of Bangladesh to come out in its true fanatic colour of Islamic theocracy. A survey conducted by the Central Intelligence during the last month has confirmed the large scale influx of Hindu displaced persons. Recently, the Cong.(I) Chief Ministers or N .E . States have also sounded a grim warning about the Bangladesh policy of theocratisation, oppression of non-Islamic groups and spurt of conversion arid indiscriminate arrests, particularly among the Garos of northern Mymensingh district.

The ABPS deplores the callous indifference and inaction of the Central Government with regard to their moral responsibility of ensuring a secure, just and honourable living for the Hindus residing there. It is also equally reprehensible that the Central and State Governments have failed to provide even the elementary needs of food and shelter to the unfortunate, displaced families pouring into our country. The Sabha urges the Central Government to take up the issue at international forums like United Nations and the SAARC to awaken the world conscience and take recourse to whatever measures needed that would make the Bangladesh rulers mete out justice to the Hindus and other religious groups in accordance with the solemn assurances incorporated even in the 1947 Accord of Partition.


Internal Security

 – This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha in 1989

The A.B.P.S. expresses its deep concern over the recent spurt in violent and subversive activities in the tribal belts of Assam, Bihar and contiguous areas of Madhya Pradesh. It is no good denying the fact that there is simmering discontent among the tribals because of their continuous exploitation and neglect, partisan approach of the Government towards their problems. Consequently, anti-national forces experience little difficulty in exploiting this situation and giving it a violent turn to serve their nefarious ends.
In the North-Eastern region, the Christian Church fed on foreign funds and as part of their overall design, have already, tested success in the creation of Christian-majority states of Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya. As a result they are now emboldened to incite the tribes of Bodo, Karbi, Dimasa Kachchadi, Tiwa etc., for demanding separate states. It is not really the interests of the tribals that lie at the back of these demands but the politics of the Western Powers, which, they feel will be best served by converting the tribals to Christianity at the earliest. The Church has so far failed to achieve the desired degree of success despite their decades long efforts, because the ‘above mentioned tribes have, resolutely resisted their overtures. They have, therefore, resorted to a new strategy of creating a fear psychosis about danger to ‘their separate identity’ and thereby inculcating in their minds hatred for the Hindu Society and thus weaning them away from the Hindu fold. For this, they are using the immature and emotionally inflammable young student community. They are, clandestinely carrying on the propaganda, that by embracing Christianity, they will easily achieve their goal of a separate state.

The Central Government is directionless and further accustomed to cave in before violence. In addition to this, the Congress party having become nervous at the prospect of losing power, is brazenly indulging in the despicable policy of appeasing the Christian and Muslim separatist elements. This was evident in the recently held elections to the Nagaland, Mizoram and Tamilnadu assemblies. No wonder, the anti-national forces are considering this as a golden opportunity to achieve their ends and hence their urgency in pursuing the strategy of violence, arson and wanton destruction.

The agitation for the creation of Bodoland has already taken a toll of more than fifty lives. Blatant threat of violence is held out for carving out a separate state of Jharkhand. Efforts are afoot on a large scale to collect modern arms end weapons and train the young in their use. It is noteworthy, that some Christian activists involved in the Jharkhand agitation, had during the recent bandh, gone to Assam to study the methods and means employed by the Bodo agitationists. It is most unfortunate that with a view to embarrassing the non-Congress Govt. in Assam, some Central Congress Ministers have abated these dangerous activities.

The A.B.P.S. calls upon all political parties and especially the Congress to desist from the dangerous policy of pampering the separatist Christians & Muslims with an eye on elections. The Sabha urges them to find solution to the problems on the touchstone of national interests only.

The A.B.P.S. also calls upon the Central as well as the State Governments to strongly put down the separatist forces that adopt violent means and accord topmost priority to maintenance of law and order and ensure a peaceful atmosphere. At the same time the Government should undertake on a priority basis steps to solve the long-pending problems of the tribal people .

The A.B.P.S. urges the Central Government to ban all foreign aid to private agencies and thus remove the very possibility of its abuse.

The A.B.P.S. also, hereby, cautions our tribal brethren to see through the game of the Christian Missionaries to alienate them from the Hindu Society, in the name of safe- .

guarding their separate identity. They should realise that their identity has so far remained and will remain secure in future also only as constituents of the Hindu Society; or else the same shall be the first casuality, as has happened in Nagaland, Mizoram, end Meghalaya.

The A.B.P.S. calls upon all the Hindus and specially the Swayamsevaks to evince greater interest in the problems of our tribal brethren and pursue the same positive approach of removing the distrust about and inculcate a feeling of oneness with the rest of Hindu Society and thus pave the way to solve their genuine problems.


Shri Ram Janmabhoomi

– This resolution was passed by Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (executive body) in 1989 

The A.B.K.M. is of the considered opinion that the holy birth place of lord Shri Ramachandra enshrined in the hearts of crores of Hindus from time immemorial cannot be made a subject of judicial probe. Although barbarian invaders might have tried their utmost to demolish the temple of Shri Rama erected there and construct a mosque in its stead, yet the divine sanctity of that spot and the people’s faith in it has remained unshaken and shall remain so forever, It is but proper, therefore, that all our patriotic people regard it as their sacred duty to remove every sign of such wanton aggression and construct an imposing temple commensurate with their profound faith and devotion for Shri Rama.

It was expected of the Congress Government at the Center that with a view to honoring the popular sentiment they would follow the example of the reconstruction of the Somanath temple in the early fifties and take a similar initiative in this respect also. But the A.B.K.M. regrets to note that the Government, with an eye on electoral arithmetic’s, has chosen to entangle the issue in the judicial process.

The A.B.K.M. wishes to draw the attention of the people to the double standards indulged in by the Govt. in such matters. Prime Minister Sri Rajiv Gandhi is on record to have said that he was instrumental in withdrawing the case pending in the Calcutta High Court about the Holy Koran with the observation that the Courts cannot have jurisdiction over the holy book. He also remarked that he amended the law to neutralize the effect of the Supreme Court judgment in the Shahabano case (thereby trampling upon the legitimate rights of the Muslim women ) and that he did this to assuage the ruffled religious feelings of the Muslims. But in the matter of the Rama-Janmabhhomi the same Prime Minister and the Central Govt. are bent upon making it a debatable issue for the courts to decide. The A.B.K.M. strongly resents this discriminatory policy of the Govt. which parades itself as being secular.

The A.B.K.M. would like to warn the Govt. that if it persists in its policy of appeasement of fanatic Muslims, the Hindu society would be left with no other alternative but to resort to peaceful struggle and would feel no sacrifice too great for its success.
The A.B.K.M. appreciates the proposal of some Muslim organizations to remove the remnants of the so-called mosque on the Rama-Janma Bhumisthan and vacate it for the proposed temple of Lord Shri Rama. The Karyakari Mandal appeals to other Muslins also to follow their example and thus demonstrate their- brotherly feelings towards the Hindus.

The A.B.K.M. appeals to all our Hindu brethren to extend their hand of generous help and support for the erection of the temple in every possible manner and participate actively in every activity starting from the Shri Rama Shila Poojan to the laying of the foundation stone and eventually construction of the temple as envisaged by the Shri Rama Janmabhoomi Trust and sanctioned by the vast body of Hindu saints.

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