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Need to promote work opportunities to make Bharat Self Reliant

Updated: March 13, 2022 10:28

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha Baithak

11-13th March 2022, Karnavati, Gujarat


Need to promote work opportunities to make Bharat Self Reliant

Bharat, with its abundant natural resources, vast human power and inherent entrepreneurial skills to transform our agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors, has the potential to create ample work opportunities and take the entire economy to greater heights. As we have experienced the impact of the recent Covid pandemic on employment and livelihood, we have also witnessed opening up of new opportunities which some sections of the society have taken benefit of. The Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha (ABPS) wishes to emphasize that the entire society has to play a proactive role in harnessing such work opportunities to mitigate the overall employment challenge.

The ABPS is of the opinion that thrust is to be given to Bharatiya economic model that is human centric, labor intensive, eco friendly and lays stress on decentralization and equitable distribution of benefits and augments village economy, micro scale, small scale and agro based industries. The areas like rural employability, unorganized sector employment, employment to women and their overall participation in the economy need to be boosted. Efforts are essential to adapt new technologies and soft skills appropriate to our societal conditions.

It is noteworthy that there are many successful models of employment generation based on the above lines available in every part of the country. They have also taken into account local specialities, talent and requirements. At many such places, entrepreneurs, businessmen, micro finance institutions, self help groups and voluntary organizations have initiated endeavours in the areas of value added products, cooperative sector, direct marketing of local products and skill development etc. These initiatives have encouraged ventures such as handicrafts, food processing, home made products and family enterprises. After sharing their experience with others, replicating them at places wherever required should be earnestly considered. Certain educational and industrial institutions have contributed in employment generation efforts in a significant way. The ABPS appreciates all the success stories which have been able to generate sustainable work opportunities for a large section of the society including weaker and deprived sections. Efforts to inculcate spirit of ‘Swadeshi and self reliance’ in the society would give right impetus to the above initiatives.

Our manufacturing sector that has high employment potential requires to be bolstered which can also lessen our dependence on imports. An environment conducive of encouraging entrepreneurship should be created by educating and counselling people, especially youth, so that they can come out of mentality of seeking jobs only. Similar entrepreneurial spirit also needs to be fostered among women, village folk and people from remote and tribal areas. Educationists, industry and community leaders, social organizations and other institutions can have effective participation towards this end. For that it is essential that the governmental and other efforts go in tandem with these.

The ABPS feels that we, as a society, look for innovative ways to address the challenges of fast changing global economic and technological scenario. Opportunities of employment and entrepreneurship with emerging digital economy and export possibilities should be keenly explored. We should engage ourselves in manpower training both pre and on job, research and technology innovations, motivation for start ups and green technology ventures etc.

The ABPS calls upon the citizens to work on Bharat centric models of employment generation to strengthen the economy and achieve sustainable and holistic development. The ABPS urges upon all sections of the society to establish a healthy work culture based on our eternal values catalysing the whole effort of promoting various types of work opportunities so that Bharat regains its rightful place on the world economic front.

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